Pisces Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Pisces Love August 2018

Advice from your partner can actually be very helpful to you. Having someone to listen to you is vital right now. You have so much going on in your head, and it is with your spouse or lover that you will want to chat. You may end up chatting into the wee small hours. The desire for communication and to pour your heart out is very strong.

Total openness and honesty is what you require in love and relationships – you do not want to feel as if you need to hold anything back. Sometimes you can be very direct and almost too honest, but you have this need right now to give vent to all your feelings.

Where you feel understood, and when you know you have your partner’s full attention, then the relationship can be a magic bubble of love and escapism; however, if you have the feeling that your partner is not listening or trying to understand you, you can become very annoyed and frustrated and when in this mood you can be highly sarcastic and critical.

Communication needs to be two-way; you may get so involved in what you are saying that you forget about your partner’s desire to have a word in. You are quite good at talking and not so good at listening, and so try to bear that in mind.

This can be a very revealing time in relationships; you may regret some of the things you said (personal things) at a later stage, but perhaps they were meant to be said. It is a time when you do drop your guard, but this can be a good thing. Be careful with the exchange of intimate pictures online as once it is out there, you cannot always get it back under control.

Pisces Life August 2018

Communication and career are strong themes this month. This month, you can really knuckle down and make solid progress on life goals and ambitions; suddenly the plans are clear and no longer vague. It is like you got the go ahead. It could be that you have been in a planning phase up until now: applying for loans or grants, getting business plans together, looking for premises, finding the right university, looking for a job, and now this month you get the YES, you were after and suddenly the planning is over, and you have to go and do it for real. This can also mark the end of a trial or probation period where you were supervised to see if you could handle the role, and it can also mean the end of an apprenticeship or training period – you are now fully fledged and ready to get stuck in.

You are ready for leadership, and you are also well placed for taking initiatives and going it alone, and so whether you work for yourself or are employed, you will be making many decisions, starting new projects and forging ahead. You are very much in control of your life and its direction, and even if you are not yet fully in control, you are ready to make very tough decisions and sacrifices to get where you want to be. This is a very determined time where you can move mountains and build towards a very promising new avenue in life.

You can come to prominence in your career or community this month, and suddenly the spotlight is on you, and your ideas will be tested. You have talked the talk, and now you must walk the walk, and this can be a little intimidating, and you will end up confronting many of your deeply held fears and doubts. This is a very revealing time for you, and you should embrace pressure and the weight of expectation as it is from this position you can prove many things to yourself, and it will change you going forward for them better.

Do not shy away; take it on.

Pisces Career August 2018

You may be signing new contracts and meeting new clients or business associates. There is a steep learning curve regarding dealing with new people and understanding their needs and their industries. Negotiation is a strong theme for this month.

This month is ideal for career advancement – you are taking the next big step, whether that is a promotion, starting your own business or becoming selfemployed. It is a powerful time regarding your personal development and gaining a feeling of being more in control of your destiny. If you have felt underappreciated in your workplace or overlooked, this is the time you will make them stand up and take notice either by walking out, threatening to walk out or by landing a big client.

This is one of those months when you have to rely on and trust yourself – advice is not helpful, and the buck stops with you. It is your chance to show what you are made of.

There is something of a rites of passage theme about this month, like the torch has passed onto you; you have paid your dues, and now it is your turn to leave your mark on the world.

This month is very good for public relations work and for formulating new contracts and agreements. It is a time when you need to reach out in your business no matter what you do – connecting with businesses with similar goals or clients to do joint marketing can be cost effective and help improve your visibility.

Branding is essential, and so make sure that you look good and give a consistent impression on social and traditional media. Know who your target client or market is, and make sure your image, your website, your approach is matched with and appeals to that market.

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