Sagittarius Horoscope September 2018

Sagittarius in September 2018

Sagittarius September 2018

Choose your words carefully, and be careful in all your public communications that you get the correct message across and do not misrepresent yourself. This month making decisions in connection with your professional life can be tricky, and you should not be rushed or cajoled into anything.

Embrace change this month; your life will expand in proportion to your openness. Sagittarius are usually very open, and yet this year you are more cautious; this month, you need to lessen that caution and be willing to roll with the changes and see how you can make the changes that happen work for you.

This year is about creating more freedom in parts of your life where you have lacked freedom, and this month you have an opportunity to take more control of the direction of your life. This may mean career or job changes that allow you more personal freedom regarding flexible hours, working from home, etc. You may even become self-employed or start a business that is more in line with your lifestyle aspirations. Initially, you will have to be brave as often you will face uncertainty or negativity of others who will dissuade you.

This month, it is important to break free of imposed mindsets – those may be things your folks encouraged you to believe or even the beliefs of your mentors. You will find that your peers have a greater influence on your values and ideals at this stage of your life. You will certainly feel a generation gap when you communicate with those older or indeed younger – you are far more in sync with your generation in regarding goals, expectations and social ideas.

Facing your realities in your way and moving away from the advice that worked for others in the past and making up your own mind is essential and productive for you.

Sagittarius Love September 2018

Friendship is vital in love. Love relationships that are based on friendship and the ability to relate to a broad range of issues will thrive. Mutual friends can help strengthen your bond. Relationships based on passion and lacking in shared interests will be more challenging.

Platonic relationships can become sexual and sexual relationships can suddenly revert to being platonic – you may find that a ‘friends with benefits’ situation works for you. In any event, Sagittarius both married and looking for love want relationships to be about fun, companionship and escapism. Sag need their partner to be a buddy who is supportive and encouraging while not asking too many questions or placing too many demands – which is a why a friend with benefits situation can work. Sag are facing stressful and complex issues in their family, work and also personally, and they need relationships to provide a respite from that and to be a place of free expression and spontaneous affection without onerous demands and complex emotional battles.

Thus love and sex are great for couples who are mutually supportive and can allow the other some freedom without questions, demands and guilt trips.

This is a challenging month for relationships where you have both become too dependent on each other for company and reassurance – improving your social life as a couple is important and helpful in this case.

Sagittarius Career September 2018

Information that comes to you via your boss or superiors can be contradictory. It may be difficult to do your job as those above you may not have a clear idea of what they are doing, and they may keep changing their minds and issuing new orders, which means you have to do things over again. Opportunities may arise for you to step in where there is a power vacuum or lack of direction in your company or within your department – use your skills and foresight to see solutions others have missed and have faith in your ideas.

This month is an excellent time to change jobs or make the major career shift you have been thinking about. Many Sagittarians have been retraining for new careers totally unrelated to what they have done before, and this month the force will be with you as you start working in the new field and gaining more confidence.

This month, the excitement you feel about your life direction, especially in relation to your career is back. If you have felt in a rut or have been looking for a job or career change, this month, you will identify exciting new avenues that will not only help you to find work that is more fulfilling, but it will also help you to find a position in which you have more freedom, i.e., selfemployment, more autonomy or greater levels of funding.

It is all change regarding career and life direction – events this month both planned and unplanned will see you veer off in a different direction and one that is ultimately more fulfilling and interesting intellectually.

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