Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Sagittarius Love August 2018

For single Sagittarius, there will be ample romantic opportunities this month, and you look set for an exciting time in your love life. You may well share interests and aspirations with a new lover, and that can help you develop a deep connection quickly. Relationships that start now can be unusual in the way they unfold, and so you should go with the flow and not look to tick boxes or compare to previous relationships.

Movies, moods and music, are the way to get the romance going in long-term relationships – you need to escape together, and you can do that via theatre, nights out or in any way that is unique to you. Escapism is the key in relationships – in the rest of your life, structure and responsibility are key, but love and relationship should be an escape from that. Relationships should be all about imagination, dreams and escape from harsh reality. Feel free to indulge yourself when it comes to love, spoil each other and make time for you both to be alone and away from everything aggravating – you deserve that. Send the kids to Mom and take the phone off – this is the time to feel the teenage dream element again.

Sagittarius Life August 2018

This month the buck stops with you – you will want to take the responsibility as that way you can also take control and make things better. It is a case of ‘if you want something done, do it yourself’ – you will want to take the initiative and not leave things to others or chance. You may take on an extra workload just to ensure things are done to your satisfaction. You will not suffer fools gladly right now and have no time for those who do not pull their weight. You are serious-minded and very hardworking in August, and you will achieve a great deal and also command the respect of those around you.

Sagittarians will often be elevated to a position of importance in 2016, i.e. be seen as an expert in a field or authority on a subject, and this is the month when that can happen.

You are very purposeful right now and will not waste time on anything that is not key to your dominant goals.

Loyalty matters to you, and you will go out of your way to help a friend in need with practical assistance. Deeds rather than words are important, and even though you are busy, you will make time to help those closest to you.

If you have a message to get over, this is the month to do it – get started on a blog, write that book or start a series of webinars. This is a very good month for Sagittarians who want to help others with start-up companies and business strategy or give advice to entrepreneurs.

Sagittarius Career August 2018

This is a very good month for Sagittarians who write comedy or satire or even draw satirical cartoons – you have a cynical and yet incisive way of looking at and depicting world events, and you can produce some excellent material.

In business matters, a sense of humour is your secret weapon regarding gaining attention in speeches or alleviating tense moments in meetings. Your business acumen will be tested this month, and you should not be afraid to take bold steps as you have good reasoning ability right now and can make decisions that are socially just as well as financially robust.

This month will be one of advancement for those pursuing professional qualifications to advance career. Sagittarians looking for work or beginning their careers should consider apprenticeships or jobs where you undertake a specialist training – you should concentrate on qualifications recognised worldwide.

Success this month is no accident: everything that happens is due to your planning and systematic implementation. In communications, it is not just what you say but how you say it that enables you to make an impact on your target audience.

This is a lucrative month for those who make money by producing or designing products relating to entertainment, art or leisure industries.

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