Scorpio Career and Money Predictions 2019

Scorpio Horoscope 2019: Career & Money Forecast

When Jupiter, your financial planet, moved into Virgo in August of last year, he started to make wonderful aspects to Pluto, the ruler of your chart. This shows prosperity. The trend continues strongly until September 9 and shows not only prosperity, but a kind of happy prosperity. You’re enjoying how you earn. You seem comfortable with it.

Jupiter in Virgo is in your 11th house. Thus earnings come from online activities and perhaps an online business. Your innovations and, in some cases, inventions, are profitable. You spend on technology but earn from it as well. It is good to stay up to date with the latest developments.

The financial planet in the 11th house also shows rich friends, and they seem supportive of you. They can support you directly or indirectly through providing opportunity. The 11th house is the house of ‘fondest hopes and wishes’. The message is that you’re attaining many of your financial ‘fondest hopes and wishes’ this year.

The financial planet in Virgo indicates a sound financial judgement. Scorpio has this naturally, but now even more so. You get value for your money. You have no problem analysing the health of any investment or purchase. You’re in synch with all the details of these things. From an investment perspective, you have a special feeling for the technology sector of the market. You are always good with bonds, but technology sector bonds seem most favourable.

After September 10 finances get more complicated, and you’ll have to work harder to attain your goals. Jupiter moves into your spiritual 12th house. From here on in it is the financial intuition that’s important. But following the intuition doesn’t seem that simple. For a start, it causes more disagreements with the family and a parent or parent figure (adding to the already existing family disharmony). Also sometimes intuition will lead you in a way that is outside your comfort zone. Intuition is always right (if it is a true intuition) but not necessarily comfortable. You have to be willing to follow it and let the chips fall where they may. And that’s easier said than done!

The financial planet in the 12th house shows that you’ll be in a period for exploring the spiritual dimensions of wealth. This is a time for ‘miracle money’ rather than natural money. Your challenge is to access the supernatural sources of supply rather than the natural ones. Many of you already have much knowledge of this, but if not, read up as much as you can about it. The works of Ernest Holmes and Emmet Fox are good starting points.

It will be very good to be involved in charities and altruistic causes from September 10 onwards. This will help the bottom line. You may be asked to contribute time or money, but these donations will bring interesting financial opportunities – and important contacts.

Saturn (as we mentioned) is in your money house all year. There’s a need to reorganize and restructure the financial life. You have all the resources you need, you just have to rearrange things in a different way.

The last two years were banner career years. There was much elevation and recognition for your professional achievements. Many of you received awards and honours. There should have been promotions and pay rises too.

This year, though, career is less important. It is more or less stable. I read this as good. You’re basically content with the career as it is and have no need to make major changes, or give it undue attention.

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