Scorpio Horoscope September 2018

Scorpio in September 2018

Scorpio September 2018

This is another key month for Scorpio in 2018. Ambitions, dreams and how to work with others to achieve your aims is a theme of 2018, and this month will see either a climax or a significant landmark reached within the projects you have going. However, no result can be guaranteed, and you may have to make last minute changes and adjustments to ensure things stay on track.

Never assume or take anything for granted when it comes to projects that rely on input from others; you need to keep in touch with all the key players and make sure that everyone is in the loop and has done what they said they would do.

The above accepted, it is an excellent month for working with others to bring something to a successful conclusion, and any work you do within groups, societies, political parties, social clubs or organisations can bring you fulfilment and success. Often the actions of others can surprise you, and do not be deterred if someone you relied on wimps out at the last minute – make sure that no one in the group is indispensable and that no one gets bigger than the cause or the goal.

It is not only a time of culmination but also one of new starts. It is an inspiring month where you will make new friends and begin to think differently about your place in the world. Often this phase is linked with becoming involved in causes and humanitarian work.

Old assumptions tend to prove wrong, and so be flexible in your thinking. You may meet a new person who you have an instant dislike for, but who proves to be a good friend after time.

Scorpio Love September 2018

There may be arguments over money and how to spend it. There can also be problems with ex-lovers/partners over the property you once shared or even rights over the children – make sure you are fighting over things that really matter not just from a perceptive of pride or unwillingness to back down.

Pride, in general, can be a barrier to better understanding and cooperation in relationships. Be more willing to be bigger than petty concerns, and take a more global perspective regarding the relationship – what matters and what does not.

This month, having separate friends, hobbies and interests that you pursue outside of the relationship is vital. You need space or things can become too intense, and small matters can escalate. Lack of proportion is a problem. This is a month where Scorpio needs time away from the relationship to get a perspective and to get things into proportion. That is why separate pursuits are vital. Relationships with no space can become like a pressure cooker, and so you both need to know when to step away, and you must allow each other that time.

Talking is not always helpful in relationships this month as much of what is going on is emotional and psychological, not rational, and so best to let it all blow over and have time out.

Scorpio Career September 2018

There is a stepping up regarding all your projects and looking to take things to a new level. A good month for making deadlines and achieving targets.

You are very goal-orientated this month, and so it is a good idea to make lists and clearly identify what you want to achieve beforehand so you can focus energy.

You will tend to be at the forefront of what happens next, and you will be there to rescue others from indecision and vacillation. You don’t need all the details right now, just the drive to make a decision and make it work. In many cases, it is the packaging that sells the product or the way you present something that sells the idea – perception and presentation are everything.

Ego is important this September, and so your goals will tend to be quite public ones with a monetary motive, and you will be highly competitive in the way you go about things, not allowing anyone to outdo you.

Regarding property either physical or intellectual, you need to be very careful of the rights associated with that property and knowing how to protect your interests. Data protection and personal details need to be closely guarded, and so ensure that your personal information and also your client lists and sensitive data are safe.

Avoid spending on credit right now as you may not make purchases that have a long-term benefit.

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