Scorpio Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Scorpio Love August 2018

This month, your serious side is more noticeable in relationships. Scorpio can be very changeable in relationships as they are often moved emotionally by things that happen at a very deep level within them, and these feelings are very hard for their loved ones to understand. Scorpio often do not understand themselves very well. This month, Scorpio are taking stock, and that means they are looking at how they feel within the relationship – sometimes Scorpio do not generate enough self-worth from within, and they rely on getting it from others, i.e. via love and affection, sex or attention. Scorpio need to look within, learn to love themselves and build up that self-worth irrespective of what others are saying and doing. Now this requires more than a month to develop, but this is a month when you should start, and the aim is to establish more emotional freedom for yourself, where your moods and ups and downs are far less influenced by others in your environment.

In all love relationships, Scorpio should look to change their perceptions and should filter what others say and do through a prism of self-love and selfacceptance rather than one of self-doubt. The more you can love yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself for who you are, the better and more fulfilling and smooth love relationships can be.

Scorpio should also be more tolerant of differences and less threatened by disagreements – differences in values and opinions can be stimulating and should not be shut down.

Scorpio Life August 2018

Hard work with practical outcomes is the theme this month. You need to apply talents and skills in the most cost and time effective way to get results. Being streamlined and efficient is vital, and you cannot afford to waste resources. Scorpios are highly ingenious and can be very crafty at finding solutions to impossible-seeming problems, and this month you are excellent at solving financial problems and conundrums.

This is an ideal time to move money about and look to make savings by investing or borrowing more wisely. However, you can easily increase your incomings this month as your boss may offer you extra hours, you may do some work outside your regular job, or you may raise money by selling something you no longer use – money is available to be earned this month if you look hard enough.

You may often feel daunted this month and like you are out of your depth, but you are simply being pushed to discover more about your abilities and that you can handle and cope with more than you think. At the end of August, you will be amazed at what you have achieved, and you should not only look at financial and material achievement, you should also consider your growth as a person.

Scorpio Career August 2018

This month is especially good for the self-employed or those who are about to set up a business or become self-employed.

Some Scorpio may have just left a job and are working very hard to set something new up – you should not be discouraged as this month you will put in more than you get out, but you are laying a solid foundation.

Thorough financial planning cannot be avoided; this month will bring rewards later in the year for those who set up detailed budgets and financial plans for their business and indeed for their personal life.

August is a key month for any Scorpio working in the financial sector or in banking – your hard work will be rewarded by a pay increase or recognition regarding being given more autonomy and leadership.

In all careers, Scorpio may discover that when the going gets tough, leadership is thrust your way – you are the go-to person in terms of someone who can steer a ship through choppy waters. Circumstances this month at work can bring out the forceful, authoritative and organised side of you, and you can be called on to assist with planning and implementation of ambitious and difficult plans.

Your financial acumen and business ability will be tested and indeed honed during this month. You cannot afford to ignore the business side of whatever you are doing.

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