Taurus Horoscope September 2018

Taurus in September 2018

Taurus September 2018

September is all about expressing yourself. You can express yourself via art, in the way you dress or by being vocal about your needs and aspirations.

You are not holding back, and you are blessed with a flair and the ability to entertain. That makes this month a very good one for those of you in the arts or who are in personality driven careers.

There is a surge of positivity and an ‘I can do’ attitude, which can propel you towards success. This is the month of lucky breaks and breakthroughs. Luck comes mainly in the areas of love, self-expression, self-development and money. It is a fortunate month for those who trade stocks and shares and for those who earn money via royalties or in sports.

If you are competing in any sport or also in games of skill like chess, you can be very successful this month, and the luck will go your way. This is also an excellent month for those attending auditions for jobs in the arts and theatre.

You are feeling confident and have a powerful and impressive aura about you. You can inspire and motivate others and the fact that you are a pleasure to be around will help you to advance and make a great impression. You can excel in any activity this month as you are so pro-active and also joyful – yes, you are in a great mood, and it will lift all those around you.

If you have been feeling blue or suffering from depression or a sense of despondency, this is a turnabout month when you can begin to feel far happier and more in control. Make the most of September by getting out, joining activities, doing sports and pursuing hobbies that make you happy. September sees the youthful spirit in you come to the fore – suddenly everything feels possible again.

Taurus Love September 2018

A very romantic month, which is ideal for new love affairs. You may take a short romantic trip or holiday.

The potential for single Taurus to meet new lovers is highest this month, and it can be a whirlwind romance, which offers both affection and a deeper connection.

In marriages, you will re-establish the love and excitement in your relationship, and despite the rather up and down nature of things of the last few weeks due to general stress, you are now able to enjoy free-flowing communication and exchange of affection. It is time to fall in love all over again and remember why you fell in love in the first place. It’s not just about the physical or even the mental side of your love; it is the deeper more spiritual side, the chemistry that has been re-awakened.

This is a month when you may feel broody and plan to start a family or extend your family. Children can bring great joy and can also be instrumental in bringing you together again.

Taurus Career September 2018

An especially fortunate time for all of you who may be embarking on a career as a teacher this fall. Your connection with and ability to communicate with and inspire youngsters is excellent. You can also work with children in a sporting endeavour with great success. Even if you are not a teacher, this may be a time when you get a new job involving children or when a volunteering position brings you into contact with children.

In marketing or sales, you may be more involved in buying for or promoting to a younger generation. It may be advisable in your business, i.e. if you run a restaurant, to have a children’s menu or children’s play area or if you have a clothes shop you should keep a children’s line. In other careers, i.e. law, you may be more involved in children’s law. Writers, designers and entertainers may cater for the children and younger person’s market. There are opportunities for adapting your business to cater to the young generation and so do not miss this opportunity. Those entrepreneurs out there may design a new educational toy for kids or come up with a new game. Needless to say, this is an ideal time for those who design computer games.

This is a month when artistic gambles suddenly pay off and when something you may have submitted ages ago suddenly gets accepted. I mentioned earlier in the year that you had to be patient about some of the things you are trying as they may not all have immediate results; well, suddenly they are bearing fruit.

A very good month for those in financial services and banking – you may get a bonus this month.

September is terrific for anyone in a highly competitive field as you have a great deal of confidence and the luck that is an undeniable part of success.

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