Virgo Horoscope September 2018

Virgo in September 2018

Virgo September 2018

Virgos are known for being very humble and self-depreciating, you can indeed be your own worst critic, and this can often be counter-productive; however, from this month and into next year your self-image will receive a boost; you will value your work and talents far more, and this will give you the confidence to go for things in a bigger way and with more zeal than usual. You can be far more positive and optimistic without any nagging doubts causing you to hold back; your adventurous competitive streak will also shine through. Even more challenging circumstances will provide a chance for you to see how positive and resolute you can be.

This month and as the year wears on, it is important to pace yourself and be systematic about how you go about achieving goals and indeed coping with home life. Organisation and planning are essential as this is not a time when being random or taking a hit and miss approach will work. The indications are that there will be much work on the horizon, and so you need to have a clear idea of what you need to do and how to get the most important things done. Slow and steady is the way to proceed, and you need to stay calm and focused as being impatient and rash will not help things go any faster. This can be an incredibly productive time, even if you do occasionally feel frustrated; blockages and hurdles right now are not meant to annoy you, they are there to make you stop, think and reassess before you go forward.

There is a great deal of maturity and wisdom about you right now, and this will help you to deal with everything in the wider context of both your life and your philosophy.

Virgo Love September 2018

You are rather impulsive and passionate in love right now, and when things do not go your way, you may not have the patience to resolve it. You may say something you regret as you can be careless with words right now, perhaps not anticipating how your partner will react to those words.

Virgo are looking to take relationships forward right now, you are future orientated, and if you do not see a future or if you partner does not see the same future as you, you may actually want to walk away from the relationship – but you will regret it. This is not a good time to make hasty decisions in any relationship as it will not get you what you want, and it may cost you.

You are playful and fun-loving this month, and so the best way to make the most of your relationships is to do fun new activities together – these can be sports, adventure weekends, short breaks or anything that gets you both outdoors. Cosy evenings in doing the same old thing may frustrate Virgos right now, and so it is ideal for you to try new things as a couple to get the passions released in a positive way.

Virgo Career September 2019

This month sees the start of a rewarding period regarding money. Initiatives at work pay off, you are likely to meet targets and get bonuses, and investments will do better than usual. Hard work and effort put in as well as risks taken in the past will now pay off, and you will feel vindicated about decisions you may make.

You will tend to feel more confident financially this month as you can feel that things are heading in a positive direction regarding your career and business. If you run you own business, you should see increased trade and more clients; you may also expand into new markets and stock different products lines that prove very successful. Your success financially will boost your self-esteem and give you more confidence in your chosen line of work.

The transits right now often go hand in hand with conspicuous purchases, i.e. jewellery, cars and clothes.

You are very keen to start new initiatives both socially and regarding business, but before you start, you must ask yourself if you will have the time and energy to carry through. You are more excited about the beginning of projects right now than you are about the boring details later on, and so you are best avoiding any new venture that is likely to be highly time-consuming in the next three months as you just won’t have the time nor will to deal with it. Sometimes small things end up escalating and being far more work than you had anticipated, and so do your research well.

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