Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2018

Virgo Love August 2018

Parenthood is a very important part of relationships this month – you may begin to think about starting a family or extending your family. Discussions about your role as parents and family life will dominate the relationship.

Changing circumstances domestically can affect your love life in positive and negative ways – in one way there can be restrictions, more work and responsibility, and you both may be tired, but in a positive way there is more contentment, shared purpose and happiness stemming from firm commitment. These changing circumstances are often to do with family (I mentioned one scenario above): a parent may move in with you or children may come back home after university.

This is quite a significant month for those from cultures where there are large families who tend to stay with many generations under one roof, regarding adjustment for the Virgo. In general, more stability means a sacrifice regarding freedom in the short run as you adapt.

Virgo Life August 2018

You can be decisive this month, and so it is a good time to take important decisions – you have a clear mind and can think fast, digest information, and come to conclusions.

You can bounce back from defeats and respond to setbacks with a ‘get back in the saddle’ attitude.

This is a very good month for getting things done – you can make plans, set them in motion and complete. You are incredibly hardworking in August, and nothing will tear you away from work once you have set your heart on doing something.

A major event in the natural world, i.e. hurricane, flood, drought or fire may have an effect on your life regarding temporary relocation, working within your society to combat the effects, lobbying government for emergency funding, changes in travel plans (so do take out travel insurance), or you have an extra workload due to these events, i.e. fire department, insurance claims processing, building repairs. These events may even propel you into a leadership role.

There is an increased need for stability this month, and Virgo may make down payments on a new home or seek to extend a lease on business or residential property to increase certainty. It may be that you elect to move in with your parents for a time to save money for a property.

Boundaries and restrictions actually create security this month, and you may well sacrifice some independence to feel a sense of belonging and being part of either a family or community.

Virgo Career August 2018

This month favours Virgos who are involved in strategic planning in business or in politics – your ability to understand complex issues, especially to do with engineering and science is enhanced, meaning you can understand the broader issues facing you in your business.

Hidden talents in the arts may be revealed, or you may suddenly have the confidence to revisit something creative that you had given up on years ago – changes in the digital world may not make your work more feasible.

August is favourable for mental games, and while this can mean that you may excel at games like chess, it also means that in any business or employment situation where you must outwit and outmanoeuvre your opponent, you can do very well.

This month can be highly successful for goals involving education (especially adult education) and social projects involving rehabilitation. Family matters can mean that your full attention is not on work this month, and so if you can arrange things in advance, it is best to keep the month free from major commitments at work, so you have more flexibility.

For those who are self-employed, this can be a month where you feel alone and where you miss the camaraderie, support and certainty of working for a company – you should try and create a network of friends who are also selfemployed in your field so that you can share ideas, discuss your frustrations and thus feel empowered and not so alone. Facebook is great for this, and most small and big towns have business networking groups.

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