Aquarius 2019: Home and Family

Aquarius Home & Family Life 2019:

Your 4th house of home and family is not prominent this year. (It has not been prominent for some years now.) This tends to a stable kind of year.

There is nothing especially against a move or renovation, but there’s nothing that supports it either. You have greater freedom in the home and family life, but not that much interest.

Aquarius is not known for being family oriented. You tend to be freedomloving, unconventional types. Anything that interferes with freedom (and family often does) is looked on with suspicion.

Now that Saturn has left Scorpio, a parent or parent figure seems less of a disciplinarian than usual. Less stern. Less serious. He or she is probably feeling much better as well. He or she has financial challenges these days and needs to reorganize the finances – to shift things around. He or she is not likely to move this year.

The other parent or parent figure could have already moved in recent years and now seems satisfied with the status quo.

If the parents or parent figures are still married, the relationship is much improved these days. There was a severe testing of the marriage in 2017 and 2018. If they are divorced, one of them has good romantic aspects this year.

You seem very devoted to siblings or the sibling figures in your life. They seem more rebellious and difficult to handle. In one sense they are much like you – they need their freedom and space. Romance is likely after September 10, but marriage is not advisable. They have a stable kind of family year.

They have excellent job aspects and the health looks good. (They do need to be careful about experimenting with the body, though – this can lead to injury.)

Children or children figures in your life are likely to move this year. It could have happened last year too. The move seems happy. Sometimes people don’t ‘literally’ move, but they make renovations or other investments in the home and the effect is as if they had moved. Children and children figures are more fertile than usual. Their health looks good. However, their marriage or current relationship is getting tested. Grandchildren (if you have them) are having a spiritual kind of year. They are making renovations in the home. On September 10 they enter a multi-year cycle of prosperity.

You seem very involved in the health of a parent or parent figure. His or her job situation seems unstable. He or she benefits from new, cutting-edge therapies and from alternative medicine. The other parent figure has wonderful job opportunities from September 10 onwards. Health looks good for this parent.

If you’re beautifying the home – repainting, redecorating, or buying new furniture or art objects – April 19 to May 24 is a good time for this.

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