Aquarius Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Aquarius Monthly Overview November 2018

A very determined month when it is all about getting into gear and getting the ball rolling. A good time to make important decisions and grab the initiative. It is not a time to be passive or take a back seat.

You are very strong willed right now and have steeled yourself – you are ready for whatever you need to do to get things done and get results. While last month was all about operating on the mental plane, this month is far more practical, and it is about getting concrete results.

Your relationships with friends will come under the microscope, and you may start to distance yourself from those you no longer have a meaningful connection with. You are not likely to make new friends or contacts now unless there is a very powerful reason to form that connection as you simply do not have the emotional energy to keep superfluous friendships going.

Your values are changing this year and so will your set of friends or peers.

This is an assertive time, and you should direct your energy at specific goals and aims and be clear about what you want to achieve. Goal setting should be very specific this month, and you need to be able to measure the return you get on every man hour or dollar spent as this can help identify where best to put in effort.

Working with others, especially creatively, will be more challenging, and there are likely to be stalemates and problems reaching agreement – this is a time when you can take the lead in pushing the projects forward and keeping things moving despite disagreements.

You have an abundance of energy right now, and sporting ventures can be very successful, especially in individual and endurance sports.

Aquarius November 2018 Love Horoscope

A great time for the start of a new love interest. Aquarians are very appealing to the opposite sex right now as you are giving off a confident air. You are also more likely to make a move on someone who interests you, and this will open the door to new romance. Be proactive about love and look beyond your social circle or group of friends; this new lover will be from another suburb, town or of a different culture. New relationships often have a ‘fated’ feel to them as if you were meant to meet; in fact, the events surrounding your meeting may be rather bizarre or coincidental.

Sexually you are feeling vital, and this bodes well for a very active sex life although do not come on too strong – do not be impatient with your partner and don’t forget the romance. In fact, Aquarians are a little weak on the romance; you are impatient and may miss the little things that could really charm your new lover or spouse. Do not forget the little things in love, and be careful what you say as a careless word can land you in deep water.

Indeed, Aquarians can be a little blunt this month; try to be more diplomatic and think about what you say before you say it – this can go a long way to facilitate all love and sex.

In relationships where the spark has gone out, you will have no qualms about ending it.

Aquarius November 2018 Career Horoscope

This month will be rather challenging if you are a team leader or if you manage an office – motivating others and getting the best out of them without coming over as heavy handed or bossy will be a tough task. You need to make sure that every team member knows their role and has measurable targets to work for. This month is all about progress, and to be meaningful that progress cannot be vague, it must be specific.

This is an excellent month for those who work in highly competitive lines of work as you have the drive to be noticed and extra energy to ensure you come first. A good time to apply for a new position, put in a bid for a contract or get noticed – be ambitious. November also favours those of you in physical careers, i.e., sports, fitness, dance, construction as you can do more, perform better and recover faster after a day’s work.

A good month for analysing facts and figures; you have a good grasp of data and can think logically and make decisions based on your findings.

Creatively you are fired up and can produce work fast and furiously – some of your work may need quite a bit of refining and editing later as you are inclined to just go for it, letting vent to all your deeply held emotions.

Criticism from your peers, i.e., other academics, artists or colleagues can be very unhelpful right now, and you may ignore or indeed you may go out of your way to avoid it. You may keep some of your best work secret, only revealing what is absolutely necessary.

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