Aquarius Horoscope October 2018

Aquarius in October 2018

Aquarius Overview for October 2018

This is a month where you will feel expansive and optimistic; it is a time of planning and thinking big. It is not necessarily a time of concrete action, and it is more of a mentally active than physically active time.

Travel for work or pleasure is highly likely as is travel for educational purposes. You are very broadminded and unlikely to have time for any pettiness; you are also future focused, and this is an ideal time to develop long-term goals. You will feel rather adventurous this month, and so it is a wonderful month to plan something big, something on your bucket list of to do’s.

You are very curious intellectually and will read books that will expand your mind, not just entertain you. This is a very exciting time for those of you who follow or work in politics, journalism and economics as events are fast paced, hard to predict and thoroughly absorbing.

This is a very private time, a time when your inner world is very exciting. It is a month when thoughts, new information and new mental discoveries totally excite and stimulate you, and it may actually be hard for you to express this to others. You can be very caught up in your own world to the exclusion of others.

So while you may learn, read voraciously or travel, it is a deeply personal experience, a mental adventure even, that you will want to do alone.

Sleep is very important right now – you cannot allow yourself to become over-tired as that can lead to insomnia.

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

Silence is golden. It is what is unsaid that is more important than words this October. You could also say that actions speak far louder than words in your relationships, and so you are not looking for lip service or token affection, you want to see evidence.

It can be a very passionate month, but your sex will suffer if there are too many interruptions as this is not a time when you can just turn it on and turn it off, everything needs to be just right, or you would rather not bother.

You can be a mystery to your partner this month as you can come across as rather aloof and even cold; you should try and explain that you are immersed in something interesting and that your behaviour should not be misinterpreted.

In new and older relationships, misconceptions are common: your partner may misread you, pick up the wrong signals or develop irrational suspicions, and so it is down to you to be clear and to explain yourself. Aquarians can be very lazy about romantic communication this month, and yet good communication can pre-empt all problems and help the month to be loving and supportive.

Remember it is easier for those you love to support you when they understand what you are doing.

Aquarius Career Horoscope for October 2018

If you are an author, performer, chef or are in any other field where you receive reviews, this can be a period where you get many favourable writeups in the press. It is a good time for a publicity drive relating to a re-launch of an old book or a makeover of your business.

This month is one in which teaching others has new significance; indeed, teachers may be able to expand their horizons by teaching abroad; teaching a new subject; teaching in a different language or possibly teaching using a totally new method of approach. For all those in teaching or lecturing, it is important to be innovative and current and to make the subject as relevant as possible.

You need to work alone this month; this is not a time when you will enjoy the boss looking over your shoulder supervising you constantly. You may indeed seek out some place at work where you can work undisturbed and uninterrupted. If you work in a very noisy, fast paced environment, you may need to arrange to work more from home or remotely as you cannot think in amongst a hubbub right now.

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