Aries Career and Money Predictions 2019

Aries Horoscope 2019: Career & Money Forecast

Your 2nd house of finance is not strong this year. Generally this indicates a stable kind of financial year and I read this as a good thing. You’re basically satisfied with your earnings as they are and have no need to make dramatic changes.

However, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, the Horoscope is explaining why. Most probably you’re not paying enough attention to them. You’re distracted by other things and not focusing here as you should. With an empty money house it will be challenging to focus on this area – you might not be in the mood for it – but you need to force yourself.

Venus is your financial planet. Thus, your social skills, your ability to get on with others, are very important in financial matters. Aries people are not known for their social skills – they are independent types – but if you want to earn more and attain your financial goals, these skills need to be beefed up.

Venus as your financial planet shows other things too. Who you know is just as important as how much you actually have. Your friends tend to be rich and this is like money in the bank – though it will never appear on any financial statement. Wealth of friendship is a form of wealth.

With Venus as your financial planet you have a natural affinity for the beauty industry – for fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, art and jewellery. These are viable as investments, businesses or jobs.

Jupiter enters your 7th house in September, bringing opportunity for a lucrative kind of business partnership or joint venture. If you own a company a merger could happen too.

Jupiter has been in your 6th house of health and work since August 12, 2018 and remains there until September 9. This is an excellent aspect for job seekers and many of you have landed dream jobs in the past year. And, if you have not, it can still happen in the year ahead. You seem in demand. These opportunities can be in foreign lands or with foreign companies.

Those of you who employ others have been increasing the workforce of late and this trend continues in the year ahead. Generally this is a sign of success.

With Pluto in your 10th house since 2014, career has been a strong focus. As we mentioned, there are many changes going on here – changes in your industry, changes in the hierarchy of your company, changes in governmental regulations that affect you. The rules of the game have been changing for many years. Many of you have actually changed the career path in the past few years – and it could still happen this year or in future years (Pluto is a slow-moving planet). The symbolism depicts ‘death and rebirth’. An old career, career path or career approach dies and is reborn in another form.

Pluto in the 10th house tends to career success. It produces storms and crisis, but also a strong focus on the career. It is this intense, laser-like focus that brings success.

Your career planet, Saturn, is also making nice aspects to you. So, you’re comfortable with your career and seem to be enjoying it. Bosses seems kindly disposed to you – another big plus. Later in the year, Jupiter will start making nice aspects to your career planet and this will bring promotion and elevation. This happens from September 10 onwards.

Your willingness to travel plays a role in your career success.

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