Aries Horoscope October 2018

Aries in October 2018

Aries Overview for October 2018

This is a month of seeking clarity. You will look for evidence and answers and a way to logically make sense of your feelings and emotions.

2018 is a year of emotional upheaval and compelling psychological influences steering your life and your decisions. Sometimes it is not enough to just acknowledge these feeling, and this month you need to try and find ways to use these feelings in a practical way.

Resolving past emotional conflicts and long-buried issues can be the key to better health and improved relationships at work. You may also become aware of the fact that you are inclined right now to take your feelings out on work colleagues or employees, and that this can be quite destructive for you.

You can also discover that extreme and fluctuating modes of exercise and diet are linked to the feelings that often bubble up and overwhelm you. 2018 is a year when Aries have an opportunity to make peace with the past – you need to accept that apology that was never given and move on. You also need to realise that the people who perhaps caused you to carry certain hurt and anger inside are no longer part of your life, and thus it is you that are still giving them power over you by carrying around these emotions linked to them.

Use your intuition, but do not let your faith in your destiny or some overriding plan make you neglect dealing with details. Practical routines and structure have their place and can help you achieve the more lofty goals you aspire to – this month, you may be too inclined to ponder and dream and less inclined to make the important logical and practical steps to make those dreams a reality.

Aries Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

Limits and boundaries are important in all relationships both new and old this month. You are in a very giving mood and will find it natural to be helpful and caring, in many cases forsaking your own needs, but you need to be careful that this mood of self-sacrifice does not swing into one of martyrdom where you feel a little underappreciated and used.

It is likely that events right now in your partner or loved one’s life are requiring a fair amount of adjustment, support or extra effort from you, and while you are right on board with this and happy to help, you may have to work overtime to see that you own life stays on track, and your needs sexually and emotionally may not be met right now.

You are feeling confident and secure in your relationship right now, and the extra effort you put in, is for the main part, feeling rewarding.

For single Aries, this is a very expansive time and an excellent time to meet new prospective lovers; the emphasis right now is on fun and experimenting together and also learning from each other rather than on romance per se.

Some of the relationships you form now can turn out to be platonic, others can turn into relationships with long-term potential. The best thing to do is to take one day at a time and enjoy the getting to know the other person phase without worrying too much about the long term.

Aries Career Horoscope for October 2018

The focus this month is not on concepts, creativity or ideas but cold hard facts! You have to have a good head for the figures, and as the practical side of your business or job comes to the fore.

This can be a great month to apply for a loan or finance to buy something that can take your business forward or make your job-life easier, i.e. getting an air conditioned car. If you do approach your bank manager, etc. for a loan, make sure you know all your details and your figures back to front and have any info he/she may need to hand to facilitate the approval – do not be airy-fairy, be very specific.

If you are in the creative fields, you need to look at what practical steps you can take or purchases you can make to free up your creative time – maybe new accounting software to make doing your accounts easier, a new van for transport, new more convenient premises, etc. You need to take a long, hard look at your daily routines and ask yourself – Can I go on like this? Make changes now to make life easier, even if it means disruption in the short term.

In your job, this is a very good month to show practical leadership and show your problem-solving ability; be pragmatic, and do not let idealism or the vaguely defined ideas of others sway you. Take the lead by being practical and pro- active.

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