Aries Love Horoscope 2019

Aries in Love 2019

Aries in Love 2019

This is really the main headline for the year. Your 7th house has been more or less dormant for many years. This year, from September onwards, it becomes powerful and happy.

Serious love has been complicated for many years. Uranus in the 1st house is not the best aspect for love. It is good for serial relationships but not for marriage. Perhaps you blamed your partners, but really the problem was with you. You have been very independent, self-willed and rebellious. You wanted (and still want) a lot of personal freedom, and this is difficult in a serious relationship. By definition a serious relationship is a limitation of personal freedom. You’ve had five years of personal freedom and now maybe it is time to settle down. What I see happening is that you’ll meet someone who makes you feel this way. Somehow you’ll be able to combine your need for freedom with a committed kind of relationship.

Wealth is always a romantic turn-on for you, and this year more so than normal. The person who fits the psychological profile of your love is someone educated and refined. Perhaps religious. A minister or professor – a mentor type – fits the bill. You have the aspects of someone who falls in love with a professor, guru or religious leader. Foreigners are unusually appealing too. And it wouldn’t surprise me if you met this person in a foreign country. Physical beauty is also a factor here.

However, there are other scenarios. You could meet this person at your church, synagogue, mosque or ashram – or through the introduction of fellow worshipers. You could also meet him or her at university or university functions. These venues are not only conducive for romance, but for social opportunities in general.

Jupiter is the planet of religion and philosophy – and in your chart he is even more like this, as he is the ruler of your 9th house. Thus aside from wealth, education and personal appearance, there is a need for philosophical compatibility with your lover. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree on every point, but you should be on the same page about things like the meaning of life and what is important in that life. Philosophical differences have sunk more relationships than has ever been reported. And, in your case, it is unusually important.

If you are already married (and we give you credit for holding things together) you can work through problems in the marriage by taking trips to foreign lands, by taking courses as a couple and by worshipping together as a couple. These things tend to harmonize the upper mental body.

Those of you working towards your second marriage also have wonderful love opportunities this year – only there’s no need to rush into anything. Let love develop slowly and naturally. Those working towards a third marriage have a static love year, but the social life in general will be active. Whatever marriage you’re in, the social life expands this year. New and important friends are coming into the picture.

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