Cancer Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Cancer Monthly Overview November 2018

If you need to move mountains and to act out of total self-belief, this is an excellent month. You have an inner feeling of invincibility and entitlement, like something is meant for you and nothing is going to stop you crossing the line. This is an excellent month for completing on long-terms projects; you will have the energy and inner drive to press through the final hurdle.

November is an ideal time to begin new adventures, especially ones that are ambitious and long range – this is the time to start journeys (not in terms of travel, but terms of goals), and you should enjoy every step of the way rather than fixating on the eventual outcome. Sometimes the journey to a goal is more important in terms of spiritual growth, fun and enjoyment than the actual goal, and you should realise that as you start. Sometimes we are so busy aiming for the next step that we never stop to enjoy where we are – wherever you are, you will never be there again, and you need to soak up all the joys and lessons of that moment, however bitter or sweet.

There is a need right now to push yourself out of your comfort zones – you may try something for the very first time. It may be that you are very nervous about this next big step, but you want to go for it no matter what your inner fears as you need to prove something to yourself and almost take a step that will take you beyond what you know.

A wonderful month for adoption – you may begin adoption proceedings for a child or adopt a pet.

Cancer November 2018 Love Horoscope

Single Cancerians who are looking for love will find that they are attracted to very strong-willed often single-minded individuals – you are looking for strength of character and someone who is protective. Cancerians are looking for a mirror for their own emotional intensity and may find love with Scorpios, especially right now.

You are very protective of those you love and will often fight battles and defend your partner fiercely. If someone offends or hurts your partner, they will have to fear your wrath – your partner’s enemy is your enemy, and you will stand up for the one you love at all costs.

While you are ready to bite heads off and go to lengths to protect your spouse, do be sure that that is what they actually want before you wade in; also be sure that you are in full possession of the facts. It may be that even with the best intention in the world, you end of complicating matters if you intervene, and so make sure you know what you are doing.

Your overprotectiveness can be a little stifling this month, and so watch for the signs and know when to back off. In new relationships, the tendency may be to ring and email continuously and get anxious when you do not hear back immediately; try to keep some more distance, do not neglect your regular friends and activities in favour of your new lover and give him/her some space. Do not be too available.

Cancer November 2018 Career Horoscope

A dynamic month in terms of business activity and any area where you negotiate on behalf of yourself and others. If you are in law and deal with trusts, estates, probate or inheritance disputes, this will be a very busy month. If you work in research to do with pathology, forensics or in the field of preventative and interventional medicine, you can make a great deal of progress.

The theme of this month is creating something of value to save lives (i.e. via medicine, education or diagnosis). You may be involved in sex education to prevent sexually transmitted disease and or create more awareness of domestic violence both to save lives and improve lives. You may also do voluntary work to help others overcome drug or alcohol abuse and turn their lives around – it may well be that you have experience yourself or with a loved one that you can use to help others. Grief counselling or psychoanalysis to help others deal with life-changing developments may be something you begin to get involved in for work or as a volunteer.

November is also ideal for careers involving salvage and regeneration – i.e. restoration of old buildings, administration or redevelopment. You may get involved in a community project to turn a decrepit or abandoned building into something really positive like a community centre, youth centre, sports hall or animal rescue home. If you are in architecture, building or home decorating, you may look towards redoing historical or period buildings to restore or get ready for housing.

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