Cancer Horoscope October 2018

Cancer in October 2018

Cancer Overview for October 2018

This can be a month of mental frustration, and you will have to work hard to get others to come around to your way of thinking. If you need to convince someone of something, it may be both time consuming and energy sapping, and you must keep at it and also be more willing to compromise. You must guard against coming on too strong – be more strategic, do not just go in guns blazing, hoping for the best.

Do not jump to conclusions and be more circumspect before voicing strong opinions; you need to convey a more flexible approach to get more from people.

Everything seems to be a rush this month – you can achieve a vast volume of business and personal work and cover quite a distance as well; however, sometimes you can use time more wisely if you stop and be more considered before you act. Impulsiveness can open doors, but it can also create problems and so pause for thought in every walk of life.

Sibling rivalry can have a positive effect on you in terms of giving you an added push to do something or achieve something.

Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

Feelings are running very high, and emotional swings are possible – you can have very powerful responses to even small issues, and your moods may be very unpredictable. Sometimes the strength of your emotions may even surprise you. If there is something that has been weighing on your mind, this is the time you may explode and just let rip about it.

There is somewhat of a pressure cooker atmosphere in love relationships, and you may be looking for an opportunity to get things off your chest. The more reasonable and controlled your partner is, the more enraged you may become; you are looking for a reaction, and you want that argument to clear the air.

The best thing you can do right now is give vent to any feelings or frustration that are bottled up as this can increase understanding and should not lead to any long-term grudges.

If you are holding onto a grudge in your relationship, then this is the time to find a way to let it go so things can move forward. The way you let it go is up to you: you may want to release some anger; you may need to talk or perhaps you will take a spiritual approach, but however you do it, you need to do it now and draw a line under things.

Cancerians looking for love will prefer the familiar, and may even look to the past for love, i.e., childhood friend or sweetheart. Someone may come into your life who, coincidentally, ends up having a connection to your childhood or your family.

You may seek a relationship to get away from an oppressive family.

Cancer Career Horoscope for October 2018

This can be a tense time for business negotiations, and you may have to burn the midnight oil hammering out an agreement or reaching deals. You should avoid acting in haste; do not be eager to accept second best to save time, and do not take the first offer you get – hold off for a while and carefully evaluate the options; a decision made in haste is a bad one.

They say any publicity is good publicity – that may not always be so, and this month you must be extra vigilant not to act in a way as to create bad publicity or a bad impression of yourself – post online with care, and if you don’t want something repeated ... don’t say it.

This month is excellent for careers involving debate and competition as you have added guile and force, and you can think very quickly. As I said in the first paragraph, when some give or take is needed, the month may be more frustrating,; however, it favours careers in sports or a career where it is all about you and where you cannot give any ground as there can only be one winner. It is also good for bidding for contracts or going for a position in a very competitive industry.

This month can yield excellent progress for those who promote progressive policies in terms of relationships, sexuality and diversity – it is a very good time to open minds and improve inter-racial relations. Reaching out and breaking down cultural barriers or opening minds via education can be very successful right now.

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