Capricorn 2019: Home and Family

Capricorn Home & Family Life 2019:

Home and family has been turbulent for some years now. Never a dull moment. Always some kind of surprising drama unfolding. There have been many break-ups in the family unit in recent years, many shake-ups and many moves. There have also been many renovations of the home.

The good news here is that things are less turbulent than they have been. This area still requires your attention, but the intensity of the strife and turmoil is much reduced.

With Uranus in the 4th house you never know where you stand with family members or with a parent or parent figure. You can be in total harmony with each other one minute and at each other’s throat the next. Mood changes, both personal and in family members, are swift, extreme and bewildering.

Family has been called a ‘womb and a tomb’ – it is both at the same time. It is a womb in that it’s a protective mechanism, a survival mechanism of nature. A foetus will not survive without the womb. However, when it is time to emerge from the womb, the foetus must come out. This coming out involves much pain. Childbirth is painful and disruptive. But if the foetus doesn’t emerge, the previous womb becomes a tomb. Many of you are facing this ‘womb-tomb’ dilemma these days with the family. If you don’t emerge, it is death (a psychological kind of death), but emerging is painful and disruptive.

Uranus is your financial planet. His position in the 4th house shows much spending on the home and family. The needs of the family are good financial motivators. But it also shows someone who earns money from home – perhaps through a home office or home-based business. It shows that family and family connections are important financially.

Uranus in the 4th house shows a constant upgrading of the home. In a sense we could compare it to upgrading your computer and software. It is done with regularity. As soon as you finish one upgrade, another more alluring one appears. Every time you think that the home is perfect, a new idea comes, and you make it more perfect. This is why there are often multiple moves under this aspect. No sooner do you find your dream home than another more alluring dream home is seen.

This transit also shows that you’re making the home more ‘high tech’ – you’re installing all kinds of new gadgetry in the home.

The marriage of the parents or parent figures has been tested for some years now and this continues in the year ahead. Divorce and separations here wouldn’t be a surprise. One of them has a passion for personal freedom these days and this will stress a marriage. He or she seems very rebellious and difficult to handle. The other parent figure begins to prosper from September 10 onwards. He or she has also been making major repairs in the home.

Siblings and sibling figures have a static, stable kind of year. Likewise, children and children figures. Grandchildren (if you have them) shouldn’t move this year.

Construction and renovations to the home could happen any time this year, but if you have free will in the matter, September 10–27 would be a good time. If you’re redecorating or otherwise beautifying the home, March 20 to April 30 seems a good time (this too could happen at any time, but if you have some free will, this period is best).

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