Capricorn Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Capricorn Monthly Overview November 2018

Don’t overdo it – this month it can be hard to know when enough is enough. So be it partying, promoting, working – know when enough is enough and don’t burn too much of the midnight all. We all like to work when things are going well, and that is why you have the added energy to put into all your activities right now.

Don’t let things go to your head – there is the danger this month of a degree of complacency and inevitability setting in. Make sure you follow things through and do not anticipate success until it is assured.

On one hand, you make bite off more than you can chew in a bid to impress others and yourself, but this can backfire. However, whichever way it turns out, you won’t let anything get you down, and you will bounce back quickly. You should not let others know how badly you want something – play your cards closer to your chest.

You can be very forceful this month, and you can open doors for yourself via the power of your personality. The effect of this is two-fold: on one hand, you can make a difference and get ahead; however, on the other hand, others may feel threatened by you and get their backs up, making it harder for you.

You are seen as someone to be reckoned with and someone who is stiff competition, and others are going to raise their game, so be prepared for a response to anything you do.

A very good time to be starting anything new as you will hit the ground running.

You should avoid dabbling in mystical practices or entertaining any extreme viewpoints. Sometimes during this phase you can get carried away with an idea that is left field, which can be exciting as it open new horizons mentally, but you should not let it consume you.

Capricorn November 2018 Love Horoscope

This is a highly unpredictable month in love. Your partner may find you a little erratic and very hard to understand. You are extremely impulsive right now, and some of your decisions may not go down well.

This can be an extremely exciting time for single unattached Capricorn, and you may attend many parties, flirt and have a fling or two; it is not a time when you will want to ‘go steady’ or start settling for a regular run of the mill romance.

If you are newly in a relationship, you may think of becoming single again if the relationship is not exciting or dynamic enough.

This is a challenging month for marriages as you are not keen on restriction, limitations or routine, and your appetite for freedom is great. Marriages where you pursue separate interests and are both independent (probably childless or where the children are grown up) will fare well as will marriages that are modern or even open. Marriages built on solid routine and where you have a great deal of responsibility and lack manoeuvrability will struggle as you will experience a high degree of frustration.

In more restrictive relationships, you must channel the excess energy you have right now as constructively as you can: throw yourself into some home improvements; take the family on a trip; get into a new exercise routine or get involved in a local cause or sporting endeavour to get the frustration out of your system.

Capricorn November 2018 Career Horoscope

You have a desire to spread influence and get your ideas heard. This can be a powerful month for those of you who are ideas leaders, i.e. you work in a field where you must come up with solutions and forward thinking ideas and plans. A fantastic month for innovators and social reformers, but you may have to struggle against vested interests.

This is a month when old school ties, glass ceilings and perceived social class divides are more apparent and may hamper your progress. You have the will right now to fight against entrenched views and change things for yourself and others.

This month, it is not all about you as what you achieve, campaign for or fight about can have a ripple effect and may change the lives of many beyond your work and social circle.

Legal battles right now are especially significant, and the way they turn out can have a far-reaching effect. Nothing should be taken too lightly when it comes to legal affairs and taxes this month – get on top of these issues and get good advice.

You will need to be very strict about the honesty and integrity of those you work with or act for – you should dissociate yourself from anything dubious, even if all that glitters is indeed gold in the short run, think about the longterm consequences.

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