Capricorn Horoscope October 2018

Capricorn in October 2018

Capricorn Overview for October 2018

Life has settled into a steady pattern this month, and so it is easy to keep to plans, reach targets and stick to routines. There is a free flow of energy, and you feel motivated and raring to go. This is a month where you work with zest; you can achieve much because what you do will not feel like hard work or a great effort.

You are assertive and will find that wielding power comes quite easily to you; you can be very decisive especially about matters of importance. You have a strong executive power – which means you think out a plan and act on it right away 100%. Your follow through on all tasks is excellent; you have a strong completion rate this month.

A good month to make an impression, whether it be on a boss, a teacher or a potential love interest. It is also a month when you excel at being you – very often in life we have to act according to what the situation requires; however, you will have more freedom to put your personal stamp on things this month, which will give you added enthusiasm.

You may come on a bit too strong at times, and you need to think a little more about how to approach others diplomatically – being subtle is not your strong point right now, and you may offend others by wading in. Try to be more patient and inclusive of the ideas of others.

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

Your sex drive and libido are high this month. Single Capricorn will be making the move to ensure that a new romance begins.

For those starting relationships, there can be a feeling of inevitability – in other words, you may instinctively know from early on this is going to be a person with whom you spend a big part of your life.

For Capricorn who are already in love or with a regular partner, you may get engaged, decide to start a family or move in together. In long distance romance, you may finally decide to change your lifestyles, and so you can be together.

This month bodes well for a couple who get together later in life as greater maturity helps the relationship flow well.

The ability for your partner to accept and embrace responsibility is key to you right now, and if your relationship is still rather new, you may decide to pull away from the person if you sense they are a commitment phoebe or are too immature.

A big turn on for Capricorn this month is reliability and stability – a partner who shows strength will arouse you on all levels.

Capricorn Career Horoscope for October 2018

You will feel competent and on top of things this month, and you are ready to accept more leadership and more responsibility. In fact, you crave the chance to make decisions and choose the direction of your work or team. This is not a month when working under close supervision or with strict instructions suits you, and if you are in that situation, you may just rebel and bend the rules so that you can do as you see fit.

You have very firm ideas about things this month – whether it be an artistic direction or from a moral perspective, and you will fight hard to convince others that your way is right. Work and the things you do matter to you – you do not want to put your name to anything that is not a reflection of your ideas or your truth. It is not enough just to do a job; you want it done properly, ethically and creatively. You have a very strong sense of how to improve in things and for what is not quite right. You can excel at editing, directing, publishing or any work where you fine tune a production, piece of literature or engineering.

This month is very successful for those of you in research and development, mechanical and structural engineering, architecture and the automotive industry – you can be very effective at ironing out technical difficulties and getting the product to market.

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