Gemini Career and Money Predictions 2019

Gemini Horoscope 2019: Career & Money Forecast

Your 2nd house of finance is not a house of power this year, Gemini. Since the Horoscope aims at a balanced development, it is normal that in certain years different areas of life are emphasized and others de-emphasized. In our culture it is always about money, money, money. But the cosmos has a different perspective. Finance is important – it is one of the twelve houses of the Horoscope – but it’s not everything. It is only a part of the whole.

This signals a stable kind of year. I read it as basic contentment with the status quo with no pressing need to make dramatic change. However, should financial difficulties arise (and this can happen because of temporary planetary transits through the house) you probably need to focus more. You will not have been giving finance the attention it deserves.

There has been much instability in the job for some years now. There have probably been multiple job changes – sudden and dramatic. The good news is that this year things are more stable on this front. In fact, ever since August of 2018, your job prospects have been excellent. Very nice job opportunities are happening and these seem much better, much happier, than the previous ones.

There is more good news. When Jupiter enters Libra on September 10, he will start to make wonderful aspects to you. This will help finances – but most especially it will help your writing and communication skills. The final quarter of the year will be more prosperous than the first three quarters.

Your financial planet, the Moon, is the fastest of all the planets – and the most changeable. Every month she moves through all the houses and signs of your chart. Thus, financial fortunes tend to fluctuate with the Moon, with her position and the aspects she receives. So you can be up one day and down the next. One day you’re full of enthusiasm and optimism, the next, lethargic.

These short-term trends are best covered in the monthly reports.

In general we can say that your best financial days in a given month are the New and Full Moons and when the Moon is in Virgo (until September 9) and Libra (after September 9). A waxing Moon is financially better than a waning Moon.

When Jupiter enters your 5th house on September 10 you can earn from your personal creativity. It becomes more marketable. This transit will also bring luck in speculations. The cosmos doesn’t have to prosper you in this way, but this can be one of its avenues. When intuition urges it might be wise to invest harmless sums in a lottery or some other speculation after this date. Your favourable financial numbers are 2, 4, 7 and 9.

Career – your life work – seems more important than finance this year. You might take a pay cut to get a job with more prestige and status – and not everyone thinks this way. A successful career tends to lead to money. But with you the career comes first.

Neptune, your career planet, spends many months on the South Node of the Moon this year. He also gets eclipsed. So there are career changes afoot and probably for the better. In addition to this there are two eclipses in your 10th house – a solar eclipse on March 9 and a lunar eclipse on September 16. This reinforces what we have said above.

In general you need a spiritual kind of career, as we mentioned. But the glamour industries – film, photography, music and dance – would also fit the bill.

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