Gemini Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Gemini Monthly Overview November 2018

This month will bring you results – hard work will pay off, and patience and persistence will yield success and reward. There are opportunities to further your education and training, and you may even get some special attention from someone with more experience or even influence who spots your talent and ability.

Those with artistic interests will have excellent prospects in terms of receiving more training and honing your talent by developing new skills. This is an excellent time for all self-expression and for taking creative projects forward.

You are feeling very positive this month with the added benefit that you are also grounded and realistic. You can make plans that encompass vision with practicality, and you are likely to bring others on board in a support role. Travel for pleasure is very likely this month, and you may have weekends away to either go to the theatre or visit places of cultural interest. You may also travel to do your Christmas or Thanksgiving shopping as you are in a spending mood as you feel good about yourself and life.

No matter what you are going through right now, this is a month when there is always a saving grace – every situation this month, even when all looks lost, has a meaning and value.

November is a time when you believe in yourself, and when you should go for whatever you want as there will be positive spin-offs.

Gemini November 2018 Love Horoscope

You are confident in yourself this month, and that makes you highly physically attractive. You have a vibrant and exciting allure that will enable you to meet new potential lovers and will also mean that existing relationships have a spark and a fun element.

Little will get you down right now, and even if your loved one is a little reserved or even down in the dumps, you will cheer him/her up. You are feeling carefree and are in the mood for parties and surprises. You will most likely want to surprise your partner with a special gift, meal or even a trip away as you are highly spontaneous.

This is another ideal month for single Gemini to meet partners who have long-term romantic potential, and who can offer both a stabilising and growth influence in your life.

Gemini are inclined towards maturity in relationships, and so while you want to have fun, you are looking for something deeper – you want a relationship that operates on many levels from sexual to spiritual and everything in between. This month, affection may play second fiddle to novelty, excitement and communication, which are the avenues where you want stimulation.

Free to give your love unconditionally, this month will bring happiness, contentment and renewed joy from commitment. While Gemini are lucky in love this month, it is firm commitment underlying the fun and frivolous side that really turns you on.

Gemini November 2018 Career Horoscope

This is an excellent time to work with someone who has complementary skills to you. It is also a good time to take advice from a legal or financial professional, who can help you to streamline your business or make it more efficient. In a career, you may have a chance to work more closely with your superiors, and this can be an excellent time to learn from those with more expertise or experience.

This is a time of growing up within your business or career, and you need to face up to the sharp side of things – this means acknowledging that there are often tough decisions to make in impossible situations, and that you cannot always please everyone, but you still have to be decisive to get ahead.

You will develop greater self-confidence and self-belief in your career as a result of hurdles overcome this month. You can be very diplomatic and also positive when faced with difficult clients and customers, and you may be the one to see through the obvious problems to a solution no one else came up with.

This is an excellent month for those in politics or social work as you can come up with creative solutions that can make a real difference, and you are also able to sell those plans to your boss or the public. Gemini, who work in arts promotion, social justice or charities can also excel in terms of creating publicity and goodwill for your cause.

Those in sales can do very well if they cater for the grey market.

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