Gemini Horoscope October 2018

Gemini in October 2018

Gemini Overview for October 2018

This month can bring unusual and karmic encounters with others – there will be a strong feeling of receiving a sign from the universe or even a message from a deceased relative who suddenly seems uppermost in your mind.

Dreams, coincidences, and chance encounters can be very meaningful, and may help you come to terms with some issue or aid you in making a decision. It may feel that events this month are almost out of your control or fated and that you must go with the flow.

You have a great interest in the occult this month and may consult a psychic or medium – there is a need for a greater knowledge and understanding of life.

Being self-confident and believing in yourself is vital right now – you must continue to push forward, even though the exact way forward is not yet totally clear. Money should not be your primary goal when you make life choices now as this can set you on the wrong path – think about your destiny and your purpose on this planet, and make decisions in line with that.

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

You sex drive is very high right now, and you will be set on getting satisfaction. Gemini may flirt and play games in love, but you should be very careful as although these games are fulfilling a need in you, you want to be careful as once you set certain things in motion, they are not always easy to stop.

Some Gemini may get involved in secret liaisons: things that are forbidden seem very exciting right now. You may also be more into sex games than you usually are. This can be an exciting month sexually within marriages as you are experimental, but there may be some unforeseen consequences, and so you will have to take the rough with the smooth and be open-minded.

Truth is vital to you in relationships, and you would rather know the truth on all matters, no matter how uncomfortable, than turn a blind eye.

Gemini Career Horoscope for October 2018

Dealing with estates, trusts, winding up of companies or mergers may play a role in your work life. You may find yourself entrusted with financial responsibility, i.e. as treasurer, purser or fund manager. There is a very strong financial bent to October, and within your own business, you will have to re-organise your financial affairs and perhaps even re-mortgage, apply for a new loan or reorganise lending to take advantage of better tax rates. Pay attention to taxes and make sure your paperwork is in order; if in doubt, allow an accountant to look over things as you need to be clear on this element of work.

Rumours you hear at work about layoffs, restructuring or takeovers can make you uncertain about your future – take head and remain flexible as this year is all about handling change and showing that you can adapt.

If you are awaiting a promotion, be patient as things may be up in the air and beyond your control for some time.

Gemini, who report on war and violent crime as journalists, can have both a successful and dangerous month, and you should take care. In everyday life, this is not a month to take chances – avoid walking or driving in dangerous parts of town, and be careful of who you trust.

This month is excellent for those Gemini involved in research and investigation, be it scientific, economic or academic research – you are extremely dogged about getting to the bottom of things and getting at the truth.

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