Leo Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Leo Monthly Overview November 2018

This month, you will consolidate and build on your excellent progress last month. This month you can achieve a great deal of work in quick time without compromising on quality. Things are working together well, and work in teams, individually or with people you coach or teach can be rewarding and productive.

Your health is strong and robust right now, allowing you to achieve more physically as you feel strong. This is a very good time for training and weight-loss exercise; this is also great for those who want to build up to a big challenge fitness-wise. Consistency and regular training will give you the best results; do not have a yo-yo approach where you do a massive amount one day and then slack off – keep going each day. This is an ideal time to take up a new sport.

You are keen to look after yourself in November, and this includes being strict about your sugar and carb intake. If your career involves looking good, i.e. sports, modelling, dance, presenting, beauty sales or therapies, you can make strides in terms of your appearance, i.e. clear skin, toned body, fitter and flatter.

This month your ability to work with children, both your own and others is enhanced – you are able to be strict and keep control while offering them inspiration and fun. Working with children can be very therapeutic for you, and it may help you to regain inspiration for long-lost goals and dreams that had sadly gone by the wayside.

You have a chance right now to co-ordinate young people to use their talents, and at the same time help raise money or aid children less fortunate. Your work with children may come from some activity you already do or may be totally unexpected.

You are strong now, and this strong sense of purpose and sense of self can be used to press forward harder to get your life into shape so you are where you want to be come 2019.

Leo November 2018 Love Horoscope

A fun month in love as you are spontaneous and contented. You are in for your share of romance and good times – but it is not a teenage kind of romance, it is more mature romance, so it will be sophisticated and not a frenzied, haphazard matter. This month is a perfect one to start appreciating one another again, especially if the stress of life has taken its toll on your relationship, and you have not had as much quality time together as you would have liked.

While single Leo will meet many people now who can influence your life in a positive way for many years to come, romance and a relationship may not blossom right away, i.e. you may meet someone who you click with, but whom is shortly moving overseas for a job. Or it may be that you meet someone now who you are attracted to but with whom you cannot currently have a proper relationship, and he/she is still with someone. Or it may be you who is still not totally finished with your ex. So the month is filled with promise for meeting partners with potential and yet that potential can take a year or so to unfold.

Responsibilities feel lighter now, and so this is a good time to strengthen the emotional and sexual side of relationships.

Leo November 2018 Career Horoscope

Creative projects can get some reward right now. In creative or artistic pursuits, you may get some help this month in terms of extra pairs of hands that come on board to help you fine tune and finish things up. You may even call in an expert to help you get a project just perfect.

This is also a very good time for critical review, i.e. getting your work looked over closely by a critic, auditor, proofreader or IT specialist, just to be sure that everything is as perfect as it can be. Right now, perfection counts, and you cannot afford to let your hard work be marred by a small oversight or glitch.

A great time for work parties as you can mix work and pleasure this month without compromising on standards or relationships. The teamwork ethic is great for those of you who work in groups. This is an ideal time for throwing not only staff parties but parties for your suppliers, distributors or anyone who you see as an essential part of your network and day-to-day worklife.

November is great for promotions and marketing, and so get all your Holiday Season literature and copy ready and get it out before December. Do no neglect traditional forms of marketing this month as it is not only about social media and internet based marketing; face-to-face and personal contact as a form of approaching new customers or clients should not be forgotten.

Investments can fair well, as long as you make calculated risks; this is not the time to gamble, but if you invest wisely you can profit.

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