Leo Horoscope October 2018

Leo in October 2018

Leo Overview for October 2018

This is a month when an unexpected event can lead to a chance to escape a situation that had either trapped you or caused you stress. It is almost a ‘get out of jail’ free card month – a sudden release of pressure or even managing to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. It is a month of often surprising turnabouts.

If a person has had a hold over you in terms of them holding all the cards in a situation, they may lose their power, and you will have to take your chance; make changes, and make sure they never get that hold again.

There are openings in business, education and career this month; new beginnings in terms of any project that offers financial reward and a chance to get into a position of authority and more power. October is all about more power for you and you being more effective in your life and within your circles – it is about getting your voice heard and standing out from the crowd.

You will make significant progress on long-term goals, and greater status and enhanced standing in your community will come your way. October is very favourable for those of you involved in cultural or religious activities – this can include curators of historic cathedrals or those involved in promoting local tourism or arranging cultural events.

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

Leo are very proactive in romance this month – you are initiators in terms of sex and romance. You are feeling confident and secure in yourself, and this is very attractive. You will feel like spoiling your partner, not only in terms of material things, but in terms of giving massages, making a special meal, etc. This is not a month to let things drift in your love life; extra work you put in and effort in terms of arranging nights out, bringing flowers, making romantic gestures, hiring a babysitter so you have more time alone will go a long way.

It is also a good time to spice up your love life by trying something new – new underwear, new locations, some erotic literature; find ways to help you to be more expressive and relaxed about lovemaking.

Single Leo will again be inclined towards establishing love relationships with people with whom they already have a strong connection; i.e. family friends, work colleagues, neighbours. This is because what is familiar is secure for Leo in 2018 and Leos are less likely to drift far from the social circle when looking for love. Potential partners must offer the Leo affection and consistency. Leo are not after games or love affairs with people who are volatile or unpredictable. Leo are risk averse in love, and so while they want adventure with a partner, they do not want the love affair as such to be a bumpy ride.

Leo Career Horoscope for October 2018

This month is excellent for those in politics, construction and international relations. If you work in any industry that has an aspect of the above or you work in a related industry, it can be a very productive time.

October will be profitable for any business linked to tourism or culture. In your business, try to link into any local events, especially those to do with religion, culture or local history to piggy back off the marketing done by others and the general vibe. Halloween is the obvious event to link to with themed discounts or marketing on your social media pages or shop window, but do not miss out on any other events.

Where you can do very well this month is in knowing when to push forward and when to hold back – in some areas, you need to edge forward while you keep a close eye on the competition, then edge forward again. This is not the time for a full on onslaught; you need to take a measured approach and keep adjusting as you go, redefining your approach and watching what the others are doing before you play all your cards. Always hold something in reserve right until the end.

Your reputation for honesty and integrity will be instrumental in growing your business or client base by word of mouth – in any decision you make, do not compromise on moral values.

Use your influence within your job to help others in terms of training, offering your experience or helping others to get on the ladder. It is time to see what you do in a wider context – that means you should look for chances to use your skills outside of work in a charitable or community sense.

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