Leo Love Horoscope 2019

Leo in Love 2019

Leo in Love 2019

Your 7th house of love is not a house of power this year. This tends to the status quo. There’s nothing against the social life – the social aspects are neutral this year – but there’s nothing especially strong supporting it. The last two years were banner love years. Many of you entered into serious, committed kinds of relationships then. You now seem satisfied with the status quo. In a sense this is a good message. You’re content and have no need to make dramatic changes.

However, with Uranus as your love planet, you like the ‘soap opera’ kind of relationship. You like the ups and downs and changes. You might be more in love with the ‘dramas of love’ than with the actual person. Contentment can be boring for a Leo. Without drama life is not worth living. Drama implies change and conflict. So even in a relatively quiet social period there will always be some drama.

Many of the love trends that we have discussed in recent years are still in effect now. Uranus has been in Aries, your 9th house of religion and ideas, for some years now. Thus love and social opportunities happen at university or your place of worship, at educational or religious functions. Love could also happen in foreign lands or with foreigners.

You gravitate to educated and refined people, to mentor types. Being able to learn from someone is a romantic turn-on, and a juicy philosophical or theological discussion is a form of foreplay these days. This attraction to mentor types often shows as love with a professor, minister or guru.

Leos are generally ‘love at first sight’ people. For them love is instantaneous. These days it is even more so than normal: one glance or gesture is all it takes. There is good and bad in this tendency. When your intuition is working well, you save a lot of time and hassle. However, when your intuition is a bit off, there can be much pain. There is a need to slow things down a bit. There’s no need to jump into serious relationships so quickly.

Our regular readers know that Uranus is the planet of sudden change. He is like the lightning flash in the sky. It illuminates the darkest hour. But its illumination is generally short lived. This is a good description of your love life. Love can happen in the darkest hour. It can happen at any time in any place. This makes it exciting. The only issue is the stability of this love – generally it isn’t stable.

With Uranus involved in love, you can be attracting unserious people into your life. Their interest is for the moment, not the long term. Singles are better off not marrying this year. In a few years’ time when Uranus moves into Taurus, love will be more stable. (It is never completely stable with you, but it will be more stable than it is now.)

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