Libra Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Libra Monthly Overview November 2018

Home moves and relocation are a strong theme for this month. There is an indication of endings and beginnings, and you will have to be clear about finishing off some things to ensure that your new ventures get off to the best start.

There is a feeling of closing chapters and making a clean break with elements of your life that have served their purpose. It is time for you to emerge from the shadows and take your rightful place centre stage in your life.

Trust in all your dealings is very important, and if you do feel that you have been betrayed or that your interests are compromised, you can be quick to end the relationship or take further action. This is not the month where you will put up with any nonsense from anyone – one strike and they are out, no second chances. It can be like that with new friends or new love interests as well as with business associates. You are inclined to burn bridges right now as you almost need to end things with drama and enter a new phase with a flourish. Endings can mean anything from storming off, blocking on Facebook or leaving organisation you once were closely involved with.

You are a very colourful person to be around, and Librans in the arts can be highly flamboyant, demanding attention and making quite an impact.

Libra November 2018 Love Horoscope

Emotions and sexual desires are strengthened this month – you are passionate and can also have powerful feelings of jealousy that can be a bit irrational.

You want to dominate in the bedroom and have your own way sexually; you can be very strategic about the way in which you communicate and will only reveal what you want your partner to see. What you leave unsaid can be more powerful than what you do say. You can lack reason and moderation where it comes to matters of the heart, and when you feel your blood pressure rise in love, you need to count to ten and ask yourself if you have enough information to make the conclusions you are coming to or if emotion has clouded your judgment. You want to hold back a little this month as a fiery word here and there can do more harm than good and may damage a relationship temporarily.

You will do anything for your loved one this month, and if someone crosses your partner, you will take it personally and go out of your way to fight their corner. You will also stick up for your partner if they are criticised by your family.

You need a lighter touch in relationships and not to take everything very personally – while you will not enjoy being teased right now, you still need to be more relaxed about banter in relationships.

In new relationships, you need to avoid an all or nothing approach that can leave your new partner bewildered and emotionally drained.

While you can be a little bit of a diva this month, your passion is also very sexy.

Libra November 2018 Career Horoscope

This month is fabulous for personality-driven careers, i.e., performers, presenters, people who sell their own products and politicians. It is also ideal for branding – establishing your brand in the media or marketplace.

Use your power wisely and try to keep your beliefs and philosophy about life out of decisions you make. Often, your pre-conceived ideas can cloud your judgment, and you may resent being questioned. Try to take a step back and ask yourself if you are making decisions on actual facts or perceptions as perceptions can be more powerful than reality to you.

You should use your power and authority this month to work for fairness and equality in pay and conditions. Many Librans will fight hard for women’s rights in the workplace this month, especially on maternity rights, paid leave, and opportunities.

Creatively, you can be very dynamic in art and music, and you will tend to push the boundaries when it comes to morality; try to provoke reaction or perhaps stimulate debate. You will tend to controversy to put your message across and also because right now you are in love with anything that is antiestablishment, radical, transforming, or groundbreaking.

In many careers, it may be time for a Madonna or Kylie Minogue style reinvention – no matter what you job or career choice, it is an opportune time to transform yourself and have an image revamp. This can help you increase your confidence and show to the world the new you who is set to take the world by storm.

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