Libra Horoscope October 2018

Libra in October 2018

Libra Overview for October 2018

There may be conflicts and heated discussions within the family arena; there are decisions to be made and strong feelings on all sides make for difficulty getting compromises and achieving finality on matters. Often matters that arise are current issues with links to past events that people still feel strongly about. It may well be that it is matters related to the past that are making dealing with current issues more difficult – however, there is the opportunity to resolve both current and past issues at the same time.

Often this month you will have to deal with the consequences of situations you created some time ago – a chicken coming home to roost period where there is no way to hide. Attack is the best form of defence, and you should defend yourself and your actions – make your case and make it firmly, do not allow yourself to be browbeaten.

You may well be in a state of organised chaos this month – you may look in a mess to others, but you know exactly what you are doing. The mess in your external world (which can happen even if you are usually a very organised person) reflects a state of mind that is overwhelmed with differing priorities and responsibilities that you are trying to juggle.

Events within your personal life can have a powerful effect on you and can actually propel you towards transformation and will indeed spur you on – you may be reacting to encouragement or support from your family, or you may take the attitude of ‘so there, I’ll show you’, but either way, something that happens in your family circle will affect you in a deeply personal way and propel you to action.

Libra Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

Patterns surrounding your mother that were formed in early childhood can have an impact on how you react in relationships. Insecurities will be in focus, and events in your close love relationships will shine the spotlight on these, forcing you to acknowledge and perhaps deal with them.

Airing of old resentments and talking about hurt feelings is very important right now so that you can make your emotions better understood to avoid history repeating itself. You need to understand why specific things hurt you, and you need to communicate these feelings to your partner so that they can understand you and your reactions better. It is said that you crush the rose as you hold it so close to your chest – in other words, you often end up hurting those closest to you. However relationships are, especially for Librans, an essential tool for self-discovery and better understanding.

This is a time to end relationships that are not emotionally healthy for you – you need to understand and recognise manipulation and control, which is often very subtle, and to remove yourself from relationships based on these.

Things that happen at the subconscious level are probably more important than what is actually said or done regarding love life, and so to resolve problems and reach a new level of understanding in relationships, what you really need to examine are your deeply ingrained behaviours, conditioning from parents or past relationships and repressed fears and insecurities about relationships.

Libra Career Horoscope for October 2018

You may experience difficulties with your platforms, i.e., your website, your web host, your physical premises, pre-booked travel – you may try and get out of current contracts that are proving to be unfavourable, or you may have to fight for better terms or improved service. In any event, it is time to rethink the most basic building blocks of your business and see if they are still convenient or cost effective. There can be arguments over lease agreements or rental arrangements – you may push for more flexible terms and conditions.

This is an excellent month for businesses that offer laundry services, catering, servicing and repair of household appliances, letting agencies, etc. This is also a favourable time for setting up businesses that cater to hotels, tourism or the property industry. If you are taking exams to do with becoming a realtor or in property law, mining law, quantity surveying or agriculture, you can score very well.

Those who offer financial services or business and accounting services may have increased contact with industries with very large fixed and sunken costs.

You may be more involved with research and development within your company on funding, recruitment or organisation. This month can be an exciting one with new developments and deeper understanding for those involved in scientific research or new energies.

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