Pisces Horoscope October 2018

Pisces in October 2018

Pisces Overview for October 2018

A good month for money. If you believe in the power of attraction, is it a great time to use that technique to draw resources towards you. It is not just about money; it is also about having access to facilities or clubs or a company car that will enhance your life or ability to do your job.

Money can come to you via tax breaks, lottery wins, gifts, inheritance or even a crowd funding arrangement. Money should be invested, and it is worth seeing a broker and getting some tax-friendly, saving advice. Funds already invested can do well this month, so a good time for portfolio management.

You should try your very hardest not to judge others this month – there is a boomerang effect where if you are seen to criticise or act judgemental, things can turn around blowing up in your face and making you look like a hypocrite.

You need to remember that any goal, no matter how great, is merely a phase in your personal development; for this reason, you may find that once you attain a goal, it does not mean as much to you as you had thought, and you are immediately thinking of the next goal.

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

A very good month for intimacy and sharing. In marriages, sex life is excellent this month, and there is an improvement regarding understanding each other’s sexual needs and desires. It is not that your sex life is wild, but it is more expansive regarding trying new things in gentle and measured ways that feel natural and yet exciting. Improved sex can create a relaxed feelgood factor that can permeate other areas of life, helping the relationship in many ways. It all starts in the bedroom.

Pisces, who are single, are more likely to want to settle down from October with a steady partner. In the first half of the year, you were eager to play the field and to be free to experiment in love without things getting too deep and controlling; however, now you have the appetite for more consistency in love, and you will be looking to solidify a relationship with one person who you deem as special.

This is a time when Pisces look at the deeper parts of the personality, and looks will not matter to you at all; you are not judging books by their covers when it comes to love. Indeed, you may fall for someone unlike the people you have dated before, and that will surprise your friends. You should not let friends interfere in your new relationships as you can see things in this person that they cannot understand.

Relationships that start now can have that ‘odd couple’ tag about them, and yet for you they feel totally right and can take you to places you have never been before emotionally.

Pisces Career Horoscope for October 2018

A very good month for partnerships and also for couples who work together in a small business.

This month is an excellent one for those of you who work with the public in a service role, i.e., accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, PR or insurance brokers. You can increase your client base, and if your pay is commission based, you can do extremely well as your clients will be doing well.

Basically, in any career where you manage funds or assets for others and get a commission, you can do very well indeed.

This is an ideal month to apply for a loan, loan extension, more credit to improve or expand your business. If you need to talk to your bank manager about more flexible rates or repayments or how to switch from short-term to long-term finance, this is also a great time.

If you are in any kind of business, this is the month to think ahead regarding cash flow – how will you finance extra Christmas stock, how will you cope regarding cash flow until the December receipts come in during January?

Forward planning and budgeting are essential right now and so is paying more attention to tax, VAT and other taxes like import duties and how they affect your bottom line. While you may be profitable, cash can be short, and that is why you need to budget and look at financing options.

If you are employed, you need to look more carefully at your pension plan and if it offers value for money. You may also need to get tax advice regarding second streams of income from hobbies or jobs you do outside of your regular employment. Do not forget to declare all income.

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