Pisces Love Horoscope 2019

Pisces in Love 2019

This year, as we mentioned, is a banner love and social year, with Jupiter spending most of the year in your 7th house.

All of you will have a more active and expanded social life. Singles will have romance and perhaps even marriage (or a relationship that is like a marriage). For some of you it may have already happened – Jupiter has been in here since last August. But if not, it is still likely in the year ahead.

Your love planet, Mercury, will go retrograde four times this year – usually it only happens three times. There will also be a solar eclipse in your 7th house on September 1. These things will test your relationship, but if it is good it will survive and thrive.

What I like here is the quality of the love life. You’re mixing with influential people – people of high status and position. I doubt whether ‘average’ would even interest you. You like older, more settled people. People who can help you career-wise. People who can enhance your status.

Love and social opportunities happen at the usual places – at weddings, parties and gatherings. But they also happen as your pursue your career goals – at business gatherings and functions – and with people involved in your career. This is a year where you can fall in love with a boss or superior. An office romance wouldn’t be a surprise.

Wealth is another attraction in love.

The love and romance aspects are wonderful whether you’re working towards your first, second or third marriage. Those aiming for marriage number four have a stable, static kind of year.

The area of friendships also seems active and prominent this year. Friends are important to you, and you go the extra mile to maintain these friendships (they too are very helpful in your career).

Mercury is a very fast-moving planet. In any given year he will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus there are many short-term trends in love that are best discussed in the monthly reports.

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