Sagittarius Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Sagittarius Monthly Overview November 2018

Your mood is a little eccentric and offbeat, and you are feeling in need of stimulation. You will get bored very fast this month, and it will take a great deal to keep you occupied; you will seek new people, places, and often you can be rather extreme in seeking new experiences. It’s all about novelty and creating excitement.

For those of you who are creative, this is a wonderful time as you can be bold in pushing all the limits of your art form. Anything modern inspires you, and you may even draw inspiration from space science.

You are a rebel with a cause right now – you are likely to reject anything, i.e., thoughts or beliefs that are imposed on you and to go in search of greater universal truths that fit into your own philosophy. Sometimes this month, you can get carried away with proving a point, and you may get involved in long-winded debates with others that are, in fact, a waste of time – do not feel the need to prove or validate yourself.

Your levels of confidence are strong; your work in the past year has shown results, and you have belief that whatever you aim and work for you can achieve; this will encourage you to set even more challenging goals because you are already thinking of 2019.

You have stamina and energy right now and a good balance of idealism and pragmatism, which will ensure you accomplish a great deal.

Sagittarius November 2018 Love Horoscope

Your feelings are measured and under control this month. You are undemanding and take a common sense approach to your relationships. In marriage, you are the cool-headed sensible one right now who takes the leads and sorts things out.

While you crave an earthy satisfaction in love, you are patient and willing to wait for the right moment; in fact, the right moment as such is very important to you, and you don’t want to rush anything.

New relationships will have a slow and steady start. While you are rather adventurous in other aspects of life, this month you are cautious and more traditional in love. In fact, old-fashioned romantic gestures quite appeal to you right now.

This is a great time for you both to tackle financial issues – you will be able to agree on matters relating to household budget and how to share expenses. This is a very practical and solid time in relationships where contentment, security and common purpose grow, increasing deeper understanding and long-term happiness.

If you are single right now, you may feel lonelier than usual, yet you should not despair as you are very discerning in love right now, not happy to take second best, and although that may mean lonely in the short run, in the long run, things will be far more satisfying.

Sagittarius November 2018 Career Horoscope

You have an edge this month as you can make the abstract practical – you can take crazy ideas (they may be yours or a colleague’s) and find a use for them.

This month sees the start of a three-month period where you can make excellent progress at growing a new business, revitalising your old business or solidifying a business plan. Your business and organisational skills are outstanding right now, and even if you never believed in yourself enough to start a business, this is a time when you will see that you can indeed make a go of it.

Your judgment is very good right now, and that can help you in business, i.e., by choosing the right associates and identifying the best plans, and it can also help you if you work with people where you make judgement calls every day, i.e., the police, social work, legal advice or arbitration.

This month is a very productive one for those of you who work with your hands or are learning skills that require manual dexterity; this can be anything from dentistry and surgery to carpentry and hairdressing. Hands-on work can be very rewarding, and hobbies like pottery or massage can be highly relaxing. This is a time when Sagittarians want to get stuck in when it comes to work, and if that means getting your hands dirty (literally or figuratively), you will.

In all lines of work, you are not work shy, and you are eager to get in there and make a difference. Even if you are not the boss, you are leading by example, and your work ethic will infuse others with more enthusiasm.

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