Sagittarius Horoscope October 2018

Sagittarius in October 2018

Sagittarius Overview for October 2018

Direct action can be difficult this month as much of what you can achieve may be dependent on the approval and cooperation of others. In some cases, you will have to align your needs with the team, and yet this can be very frustrating. You have a need for results, and in some cases you may just go for it without waiting for the go ahead – while you know the risks of some courses of action, you may just go for it anyway.

Sagittarius rush in where angels fear to tread; often you will feel the need to precipitate or pre-empt an event by acting first, this action may be controversial, and may even backfire in the short run, but something will impel you to do it. You can be very impetuous right now, and you will strike out at anything and anyone who wants to contain or restrict you. Feathers will be ruffled, and bridges will get burned, and yet this is a time when you almost need to create some chaos so that when order is restored, it is more in line with what you need.

You are an instigator of change within society, and you will enjoy a certain amount of notoriety that that can bring you. You may revel in controversy or perhaps being controversial is a vehicle by which you can get heard or noticed. There is a part of you that needs attention and appreciation right now, and you will either be extreme regarding your words and opinions, or you will work extra hard to come up with novel ideas and creative concepts.

You need to express yourself and create novelty in your life, and if you are creative, you will take any art forms you are involved in to a new level regarding innovation.

Friends can become enemies and enemies friends as your peer groups undergo changes due to external forces. Do not confuse desire and will. This is an unpredictable month where you will surprise yourself at times with your reckless actions. Avoid travel to any trouble hotspot.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

Permanent arrangements matter to Sagittarius, and this is a month where commitments are often reinforced, i.e., via marriage or moving in together.

You enjoy the teamwork aspect of marriage, and yet you want to be the dominant partner. This can be a very good month for Sagittarians who are with partners who are passive and who enjoy it when you take control, and yet it can be very contentious if your partner is assertive. You are driven to initiate change, and that change need not mean change within your relationship, but it may mean change regarding how you live your life together.

Sagittarians can often become vehement supporters, heavily involved in the ambitions of their partners to the degree that they become your ambitions too. You could be the power and organising force behind your loved one’s success.

Stubbornness is the biggest problem in relationships.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope for October 2018

Being innovative, forward thinking and looking at ways to speed up communications and processes is essential to all businesses. This month is extremely busy for those involved in the media and IT – in fact, all Sagittarians will find that new technology plays a major role in their work life this month.

Sagittarians can fight tooth and nail for principles of truth and justice, becoming very angry when moral and ethical principles are not adhered to.

Everything is personal to you right now – you make it your business to involve yourself beyond the call of duty when inspired by the cause.

Often those in creative fields may find they tear up something they have worked for months on in frustration – you have this desire right now to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and you need to find ways to release the excess energy within without being self-destructive. However, in some cases, you can work with such zeal that you can do three months’ work in one, making it possible to catch up on anything you destroy on the spur of the moment.

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