Scorpio 2019: Home and Family

Scorpio Home & Family Life 2019:

This has been a very turbulent area for some years now. To say it was unstable is an understatement. Things are getting easier now, but there is still turbulence.

The main problem is that you seem in disagreement – out of harmony – with the family. There have been conflicts with a parent or parent figure. There is still disagreement, but less so. It’s a matter of intensity. Moves, break-ups and shake-ups in the family unit have been happening. Family members seem hot under the collar – ready to erupt at any little thing. If you can bridge your differences things will go much easier. There is a need for more patience with them.

Keeping the harmony with the family is a challenge, but if you can do it, you’ll see improvement in your health and energy.

Your family planet Uranus in your 6th house shows that you are working to improve the health of the physical home. This has been a long-term trend. Make sure air conditioning ducts are clean. Sometimes paint or furniture contain toxic materials – these should be removed. You’ve been installing health gadgets and health equipment in the home and this trend continues in the year ahead.

Your 6th house is also your house of work. Thus you’re working more from home, installing a home office or expanding the existing one. The home is as much a place of work as a home.

Moves could happen for you, but they aren’t advisable this year. One of the parents or parent figures in your life could move this year. (It could have happened last year too.) There is more harmony with this parent figure than with the other one we discussed earlier. This one is prospering and seems generous with you.

Siblings and sibling figures could have had multiple moves in recent years. There is much restlessness and this trend continues in the year ahead. Children and children figures have a stable kind of year. Grandchildren (if you have them) could move from September 10 onwards.

Major repairs, renovations or construction in the home could happen any time, but if you have choice in the matter, November 9 to December 19 is the best period for this. August 26 to September 27 is a good second choice.

If you’re beautifying the home – repainting, redecorating, or buying objects of beauty – January 20 to March 12 is a good time.

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