Taurus 2019: Home and Family

Taurus Home & Family Life 2019:

Your 4th house of home and family has been strong for the past two years, but not this year. Many of you have moved or made any renovations that needed to be made. This year you can coast. You seem satisfied with the status quo and have no need to make major changes. There’s nothing in the cosmos against it, by the way – just no compelling urge.

Jupiter has been in your 5th house since August 2018, and will remain there for the first half of this year. This indicates enhanced fertility for Taureans of childbearing age. Pregnancy wouldn’t be a surprise.

We have two solar eclipses this year. One on March 9 and the other on September 1. Since the Sun is your family planet, these eclipses will affect the home and family situation. Generally, these are the times when we discover any hidden flaws in the home. Often repairs are needed. Family members will tend to be more temperamental during those periods too – so more patience is needed with them.

A parent or parent figure in your life is prospering this year. He or she is likely to be more generous with you. This same parent figure could be having a surgical procedure this year.

Children and children figures are prospering, and siblings or sibling figures in your life are likely to move or renovate their homes in the coming year – mostly likely from September 10 onwards. (It could happen in the first half of 2020 as well.) If they are of childbearing age, the women are more fertile. The family circle will get enlarged through birth or marriage.

Children and children figures in your life may want to move – they feel cramped where they are – but it is not advisable this year. They are better off making better use of the space that they already have. Grandchildren have a stable, static domestic year.

Siblings and sibling figures seem burdened by health issues. They can improve their health by paying more attention to the liver, thighs, spine, knees, teeth and bones. They need a daily disciplined health regime. Children and children figures can benefit from head and face massage.

If you are repainting, decorating or beautifying the home, July 12 to August 22 is a good time. This is also a good time if you’re buying art objects for the home.

Though there doesn’t seem to be a need for major renovations this year, if you choose to do these things (this is free will on your part) March 1–6, April 21–May 20 and July 22–August 22 are good times to do them.

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