Taurus Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Taurus Monthly Overview November 2018

This month is superb for the use of your creative and intuitive talents. You can rely on your gut feel, flashes of insight and sudden inspiration to give you a spurt on in both business and artistic pursuits. Your imagination is extremely vivid, and you may be prone to daydreaming and allowing more pressing matters to go undone – but sometimes it is important to revitalise your senses and appreciation of the esoteric things in life by escaping into the imaginal realm.

You have a heightened awareness this month, which may manifest as a greater ability to taste, smell and also perceive the finer points in music and art. This is a wonderful time for those who study art, music and literature as you can almost immerse yourself in the mind of the composer/artist and gain so much more from their creations.

Your ESP is strong right now, and you should not ignore hunches about people or places, even if they do not make sense – you are attuned to the atmosphere and able to pick up on subtle signals others are giving off. Within your circle of friends, you will be the one to encourage the group to try new things, i.e. go to museums or galleries together or a cultural city break.

A news or human interest story may really have an impact on you to the degree that you feel compelled to help out in some way. Your compassionate and humanitarian instincts are aroused, and you will be moved to help children and vulnerable people. You are more likely to help out in a financial or caring sense than in a vocal way or via activism.

Hypnotherapy for addressing phobias, habits or psychological issues can be very beneficial right now.

Taurus November 2018 Love Horoscope

You are very romantic this month and also extremely adaptable to the needs of your partner. You may get quite some satisfaction from helping or caring for your loved one. You may be in a position where your words or ability to comfort can make a very big difference to a new or old partner. You will enjoy taking control in the relationship, and this is a month where you may have to take more responsibility as your partner is either ill or has family/work concerns and you need to step into their role. You will enjoy this role, and it may actually change the relationship in the future, giving you a more dominant role.

You are very impulsive romantically and sexually this month, and you may be the one to make the first move in a new relationship – you have a “nothing ventured, nothing gained attitude.” You are drawn to energetic and daring types of people, and you want your relationship to be full of action and new things. You will not be attracted to a person who is conservative and unprepared for adventure.

The fantasy side of relationships is vital right now, and so you need your partner to play along and not bring you down with too much discussion about mundane and boring things.

In marriages, things can be very good if your partner is also in the mood for some fun, some novelty and outdoors activity; however, if your partner is feeling in a homebody frame of mind, you may feel a little frustrated.

Sexually things are up and down with periods of terrific sexual connectivity interspersed with some irritation at not getting your needs met.

Taurus November 2018 Career Horoscope

A very rewarding month for those of you who work in nursing and the healing professions. Your heightened awareness and compassion for others allows you to anticipate needs and respond to your patients in a way that enhances their experience, improves their health and gives you satisfaction. Taureans who use energies in their healing work, i.e. reiki, chiropractic, reflexology or physiotherapy can have excellent results as your own energy field is highly active and responsive right now. Indeed, if you are a Taurus and are looking for a new career or a career change, this is an excellent year to get into the healing profession either on the traditional side, i.e. nursing, occupational therapy, and optometry or on the alternate side, i.e.

Homeopathy, nutritional medicine, hypnotherapy.

It is an emotional month, and for those of you who dance or perform, you can give off that emotion in a way that really helps you to reach the audience. For writers and journalists, you can use this month to highlight issues that matter to you on a personal level and bring awareness to a greater audience of issues like domestic abuse, discrimination, poverty or childhood depression, etc.

In order to evolve the species, we have to become more sensitive to the needs of others, including other species. This November, Taureans are the antennae of the race, which is how Ezra Pound used to describe artists, leading the way in terms of compassion and humility.

This month is a very good one for those who educate children with special needs or those involved in creative therapies, i.e. music therapy or art therapy, especially for children. Those of you who are retired or are out of work artists or musicians should look into how you can use your talents to teach children in terms of creative therapies.

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