Taurus Horoscope October 2018

Taurus in October 2018

Taurus Overview for October 2018

This is a month of action and motivation. You can be rather rebellious this month, and you will want to strike out against what is conventional. There is a great need to think originally while still being factual and logical. You will tend to look at things more deeply than your counterparts and may be annoyed at a superficial or short-sighted stance on problems or issues.

You will stand up for people this month, even if you are not necessarily a friend or ally of theirs as you have a great regard for truth. You may be involved in a rally or protest, especially if you are at university.

If you have recently moved home, you may have difficulty adapting to your new environment, and there may be quite a bit of work to do in order to adapt your new home to suit your needs.

Waves of self-doubt are characteristic of this month and many a time you may want to throw in the towel, thinking, “I just cannot do this!” You will, however, be amazed at your courage and ability to cope. It is as if the planets want to push you just a little to allow you to see for yourself what you are made of. People who bring you down and cause you to feel negative about yourself will have to go, and this is the month to set them adrift.

In travel, you are likely to be inconvenienced by strikes, political unrest or economic uncertainty – do plan ahead and take out insurance where necessary.

Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

You are a little insecure in love right now and thus can react to small things with quite a bit of venom, especially if you sense a slight or an attack. You may have to be careful that you do not jump the gun and make a big deal out of something that you misinterpret. Father issues may be beginning to surface in relationships, and you may even take out the unresolved anger you have for your father or previous lover in your current relationship. You need to be more conscious of how you engender certain reactions from others (namely your spouse or lover) and then totally detach yourself from any responsibility. Do you perhaps exhibit passive aggression without knowing it? Do you give off subtle signals of jealousy that demonstrate your lack of trust? Are you too critical or do you go too far when you are remonstrating? You really do need to look deeper and analyse your own approach to understand the reaction you get – it may be easier for you to change than to change them.

Recognise where you and your partner may be co-dependent – codependency is often linked to downward spirals of self-defeating and compulsive behaviour from you both, and one of you needs to be strong enough to recognise and change it – that will have to be you.

It is very important to recognise patterns in your relationships – why do you keep attracting men that drink, cheat, are possessive – what is the driver of these repetitive cycles in your love life and what can you change about you to prevent them?

At the heart of it, you need to be more at peace within yourself, and you have to let go of previous hurt and anger to ensure that not only do you attract more suitable and more nurturing partners but that your relationships do not encounter the same old hitches again and again with you never moving forward.

Relationships are a theatre for change and renewal in terms of your entire psychology this month and for the rest of the year.

Taurus Career Horoscope for October 2018

Fairness and equality in the workplace are very important right now. You may be at the forefront of the fight for equal pay or equal opportunities in your company. You may be involved in some kind of industrial action or union negotiations.

Mentoring is a very important theme at work this month. You may have the chance to support or coach a colleague, or it may be that a person who is older and more experienced can offer you advice. You should not accept any advice blindly; you should evaluate which parts of that advice apply to you and what you can use. No one’s path is identical, and while listening to advice is always helpful, especially from someone who is where you want to be, you need to ‘tailor’ that advice for yourself and adapt it rather than swallowing it whole. In any mentoring relationship, whether you be the mentor or vice versa, keep the boundaries drawn and the guard up for often with the transits this month, that relationship can become too dependent and too onerous. You don’t want to be making all the decisions for the one you mentor or be rushing for advice from your mentor all the time.

You may be inclined to pour your heart out to a colleague or even your boss about something you are struggling with, and they may indeed be helpful in assisting or guiding you; I would, however, suggest that you do not give away too much personal information as that may give that person power over you in the long run.

Don’t try too hard to prove yourself to anyone – just do your best.

An excellent month for Taureans in the healing professions, i.e. doctors, nurses, vets, psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, etc. You may even make a new discovery about a healing product, technique or superfood. This is also an ideal time for Taureans who are passionate about self-help therapies to write a book on a topic that you are expert in, in order to help people beyond your clients.

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