Taurus Love Horoscope 2019

Taurus in Love 2019

Taurus in Love 2019

When Saturn left your 7th house late in 2014 a dark cloud lifted off you. The love life had not been happy. Marriages and serious relationships were tested, and many dissolved. The first half of 2017 was very serious in this regard.

Jupiter’s move into Virgo last year was also a big help as he started making nice aspects to your love planet, Pluto. Right now – especially until September 9 – you are in a great love and social period. After a few years of stress and testing, you’re a better person and more able to handle relationships.

The good thing about stress is that it reveals inherent flaws – both personal and in a relationship. Thus, it is easier to correct these flaws. Relationships that survived the past few years are good and will probably last for ever. Love is happening now, but there’s no need to rush into marriage. Take your time. Next year is much better for marriage than now.

Your love planet, Pluto, rules sex, among other things. Thus the sexual magnetism is the primary turn-on in love. There’s nothing wrong with this, but sometimes people make too much of it. By itself, sex is not enough to hold a relationship together. (Many of you learned this over the past few years.)

Pluto rules your love life from the sign of Capricorn. This shows a practical approach to love. You like the good provider, the person of status, the person who can help your career. Also it shows more caution in love. You are slower to fall in love now than before 2012, when Pluto was in Sagittarius. You’ve become more careful.

Pluto will remain in your 9th house for many years to come. This is good. It shows that besides the sexual magnetism you like someone educated and refined. You like people you can learn from – mentor types. You like people who share your philosophical and religious beliefs. Philosophical differences will eventually sink even the best of sexual chemistries. Good sexual chemistry has a lifespan of about a year. But if there is also philosophical harmony, the relationship can last much longer – even for ever.

Love opportunities happen in religious or educational-type settings these days, at religious or university functions and through the introduction of people you worship with or attend school with. Foreign countries can also be the venue for romance these days. Foreigners are alluring – and the more exotic the better.

The love aspects are especially good for those working on the first or second marriage. For those working on the third marriage, this is a status quo kind of year. Next year will be a lot better.

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