Virgo Horoscope November 2018 Predictions

Virgo November 2018 Predictions

Virgo Monthly Overview November 2018

Your ambitions are aroused right now, and many Virgos may be given responsibility in government, policing, security or property management positions. Some Virgo may even be involved in contracts with the military, especially to do with the Air Force.

Physically, you need to warm up properly before exercise and take care if doing anything new that you have not tried before, i.e., weights or extreme sports. You may want to press yourself hard physically this month, but this may be to let off steam rather than for fitness sake per se, and you should be careful to be measured and not reckless. You should ensure you get enough calcium and eat more cruciferous vegetables. This month is good for endurance sports; however, you need to be sure you build up slowly rather than taking on too much and overdoing it.

Working in teams can be frustrating to you, and you may resent having to drag along the less able members – you need to make everyone feel included and valued to create more productivity in general. You are inclined to rush things, and you are also inclined to take extreme approaches to issues that arise – using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. When a chore is frustrating you, it is best just to walk away, delegate it, or leave it for another day.

An arrogant or belligerent attitude can be your undoing, so do your best to mask annoyance or frustration. Virgos often find cleaning strangely therapeutic, and so if you find yourself cleaning the car or oven or taking on some massive cleaning operation, it can say more about your emotional state than your need for cleanliness.

Virgo November 2018 Love Horoscope

Loyalty and honesty are very important to you right now, and you will have no truck with games or fickleness. You want the one you love to have your back, just as you have theirs, and any sense that they are less committed than you can make you withdraw and be less emotional.

Consistency is what your lover or partner need to give you right now to get the most out of you emotionally. When you feel that you are in a solid and loving relationship with shared values and mutual respect, you can give of yourself totally, but as soon as you have any hint of duplicity or a careless attitude to your feelings, no matter how small, you can get very cool. Virgos with Gemini and Aquarian partners may find this month a little unfulfilling emotionally, and may find it hard to get your needs fully met; you will have to be more patient and understanding of your partners.

Virgo November 2018 Career Horoscope

Industries involving construction and manufacturing will have a boost this month, and if you work in finance or administration, you may have more contact with these industries. This is a good time to invest in new plant and machinery, i.e., fixed assets. You may also want to update or overhaul machinery used in your business.

You work best when given autonomy this month, and you will resent anyone watching over your shoulder. You are rather impatient, and so not a good month to set aside time for teaching others or supervising.

This month is excellent for the promotion of activities like hiking, camping, caving and tours to heritage sites. Businesses involving selling antiques and collectables can see an increase in the value of assets they hold.

This month tends to favour industries with very big fixed costs and a lot of fixed assets. If you are in business, look to supply companies in mining, building, exploration, forestry or tourism. You may also choose to invest in gold or silver assets.

Those of you who design, fabricate or distribute products for babies and families with young children from clothing to furniture to wedding cakes to photography can do well, and you may even think of starting a business along these lines.

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