Virgo Horoscope October 2018

Virgo in October 2018

Virgo Overview for October 2018

Learning to trust in yourself and to know your own mind is the lesson this month. You need to spread your wings and learn to fly effectively. In aspects of your life where you have felt you needed advice or guidance, now is the time to kick away the safety blanket and say, “I can do this alone!”

You must also totally own everything you do or create and learn not to rely on approval nor flattery from others – know the quality of your own work and be not only your worst critic but also your biggest cheerleader. While it is always great to have support, it is liberating to know that you support yourself and can push forward and excel by your own internal support structure alone.

Often in life, others will tell you that they want the best for you – this month and as you look forward, you need to realise that only you know what is best for you, and you need to resist any control, no matter how well meaning it may seem.

It is time to recognise the many negative messages in your environment – these can be from your boss, peers, parents or media, and you may be so used to them that you no longer even notice them, i.e. prejudices, paranoia, siege mentality issues, etc. You need to make a mental stand not to let these opinions that are often highly pervasive, influence you. October is all about thinking as an individual and not being afraid, even if it isolates you in the short run – in the long run, you will win respect.

Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope October 2018

This month is wonderful for love life, passion and romance. It is especially good for new relationships and also for the injection of excitement and more novelty into older relationships. You are highly sociable and may come into contact with a more diverse group of people than usual, making meeting someone compatible very likely. You are more open-minded about relationships right now, and while your expectations will be high and you will want things to move fast, you will tend to regard the inevitable ups and downs more as a chance to understand your new partner than a cause for upset.

Jupiter enhances your confidence sexually, and your self-image, which will make you more giving, more willing to take changes romantically, and more forgiving – all of these factors mean that the font of love gushes.

You are socially orientated and likely to want to spoil the one you love with spontaneous gifts or surprises. It is not enough for you to say I LOVE YOU, you want to express that love in creative and highly personalised ways.

Actions, not words are your motto in love, and you will show your passion in many practical and passionate ways.

In established relationships, your ability to be the bigger person and look beyond trivial issues will ensure you grow as a couple, and the bond deepens this month.

Virgo Career Horoscope for October 2018

While we all need to conform to get ahead and to fit in, this month you need to see where conforming is actually holding you back. You need to step out and stand out from the crowd by daring to think differently. Virgos can be quite controversial and revolutionary this month – in peaceful ways, however – by tackling ideas that have seemed taboo or no go areas in the past.

There may be many changes to the way you do your work this month regarding new systems, new controls, different supervisors or a change to structure. Those of you who work with children may have new guidelines to get used to or to conform to, and these may feel quite restrictive in the short run.

Those in the arts and also sports may find that the bar has been raised regarding expectations, and this can mean you really have to stretch yourself in October – this means training harder or perhaps putting in more hours to make creative projects 110% perfect and more suitable than the rival. You really do need to tap your inner talents to the nth degree this month – it is not enough just to cruise along thinking that you are doing enough, as ‘enough’ is just not good enough.

Promotion and publicity campaigns can have immediate results regarding increased trade this month. It is also probable that good reviews in the media or social media about your business or service can give you a boost regarding self-confidence and new clients.

Money should begin to flow in ahead of the Christmas and Holiday season. Get all your promotional material ready now and have plenty of stocks ready to cater for increased trade.

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