Cancer Horoscope December 2018

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

This year has been about internalisation where you looked within before you pushed ahead. Sometimes we need to get a few things from the past tied into a bundle or thrown out before we push forward. Security issues and home life need to be attended to and cannot be ignored.

You have an inner process of evolvement going on, where you are beginning to feel different: more at home with who you are and where you come from and more at peace with the past – this is helping you to refine goals and seek new adventures that are more in tune with your inner needs and nature.

Cancerians are by nature nurturing and caring, and you have rediscovered that part of you in 2018 – you do get satisfaction from helping others to develop or recover. As you look forward to 2019, you need to think about more ways in which you can use these attributes within work or as a pastime.

Emotional satisfaction and fulfilment are primary goals for you, and they are encouraging you to pay more attention to family values, feelings and forgetting about what society and those out there beyond your circle of friends think.

Quiet reflection is very cathartic this December, and you will need time to be alone, and you may even want to write about, document or collate images from your year, which can help you to put everything in place in your mind and plan ahead. This is a very rooted time when you can easily see what is most important in your life.

This holiday season is all about family, tradition and giving. You are extremely generous and affectionate, and your December will be filled with love, abundance and warm relationships with others.

Cancer Love December 2018

Cancerians who are single are in another zone, where enduring, intense and passionate relationships can begin. Strength of character and accomplishment are what turns you on.

In marriages, Cancerians need to see some backbone from their partners – the more your partner shows some initiative and takes firm decisions and even stands up to you, the more you will respect them and love will flourish. The biggest problem in any Cancerian relationship right now is passivity – this is not the time to let things be and just sit back. You both need to give input, and you as a Cancerian will respect your partner if he/she confronts you or debates with you. Some anger and some emotion will be appreciated, and even rows can end in passion. Right now, you will take any argument that happens as an indication that your partner cares and is fully involved.

Cancerians in relationships with Aries, Scorpio, Taurus or Leo will be pushing their partners on all matters – this is a time when you are not going to go along with the status quo and where you need to get emotional and get your partner emotional too to really get to the heart of things. If you are with Pisces, Aquarius, Libra, Sag or Gemini, it can be harder to get the clarification and have that emotional confrontation to resolve issues; you may find their cool level-headed approach a little annoying and devoid of the passion you crave.

So the message is for partners of Cancer – show your feelings, get emotional, get talking, be passionate, be demonstrative, and, what’s more, enjoy your sex life.

Cancer Career December 2018

This December, goodwill is very important – I am talking about the value of goodwill to your company, i.e., the power of good customer relations, word of mouth, service and good press. That means any promotions, discounts for regulars, client hospitality or extended credit can go a long way to increasing sales and your reputation for being flexible and customer driven. Those of you who have worked in commission or a bonus-driven work environment should hit your targets and get your bonuses.

Those of you who sell antiques or home wares and furniture aimed at the wealthy can have a very profitable month – these would include products like swimming pools, pool tables, Jacuzzis, premium flooring or home gyms.

This is a time when buying a place in the country and doing it up to sell for profit may appeal to you.

Hard work put in through 2018 pays off this December, and you will be able to put your feet up and pat yourself on the back with a massive sigh of relief as the holidays begin.

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