Gemini Horoscope December 2018

Gemini Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

If you rely on someone else for your income, i.e. parents, spouse, welfare, alimony/maintenance or benefits, then this month and the coming month will see some changes, and you may have to adapt in terms of your lifestyle. It may not necessarily mean that you get less money, but the way it is paid or the terms and conditions may alter. Insurance claims may be delayed, meaning that you are out of pocket in the short run – try and negate this by getting everything in writing and keeping a dossier of all correspondence.

Push hard from the start to ensure you are paid out fast – keep on their backs. Even though this is the holiday season, you should not be inured into running up debts on your credit card or via debt. Control of finances and thoughtfulness about spending is key right now – money can go much further if you plan more and cut out spending that does not add much value to your life. This is a very good time to assess what you really need as opposed to want, and if you can eliminate spending on ‘wants’, which are often only temporary, you can make great savings to put towards more worthwhile expenditure.

Financial independence is very important right now, and for any person who does rely on someone else to some extent for money, this month will offer you a chance to change that – you may well find a part-time job, work from home opportunity or a new income stream. Jobs in finance, counselling, selfhelp therapies, social work, caring or internet-related work are all possibilities.

If you are in a job just because the money is good, then this may be a time in your life when you decide that in the New Year you want to find a job that is more fulfilling emotionally and not just something you stick at for money sake.

You will take stock this month of how much you have grown psychologically throughout the year and how much better you know yourself. There is an inner strength within you too, which is creating a greater confidence and a sense that you are a survivor who can face anything and come through it.

Ailments concerning the sexual organs may afflict you during this time, and so take care of your sexual health.

Gemini Love December 2018

Conversations about your sex life can lead to revelations and even some awkward moments. It may be that sex is the catalyst, you both need to talk about other issues in the relationship.

Arguments over finances are a theme in relationships; as you can see from the first paragraph, money, especially shared resources, are an issue, and some discussion must be had about when to tighten belts and how to compromise. Even if you have plenty of disposable income, there may still be differences about how and where to spend it, especially when purchasing gifts as you and you partner may value various expenditure differently. Power struggles both overt and covert are part and parcel of this month.

There is much left unsaid, and it can be much like a Mexican standoff, where none of you wants to back down as you do not want to set a dangerous precedent for the future. For you, it is important to stand your ground and to be aware of how your partner is subtly trying to manipulate the situation.

Have your eyes open. The manipulation in your relationship may run very deep or it may be quite innocuous, but either way, you need to be aware of the unstated yet underlying intentions of your loved one.

Back to the sex, which can be very passionate and exciting this month, even with the conflict and power issues. Perhaps you are unaware of how much sexual power you have in the relationship? Sexual energy and tension is heightened this month, so you do need to make plenty of time for bedroom action.

Gemini Career December 2018

In your business, you need to get on the backs of your debtors hard to make sure you get paid as there may well be hiccoughs in receiving payments from clients and customers this December. Bad debts may also be an issue, so be careful of who you extend credit to.

Insurance is very important, and so be sure your properties or valuables are insured and hedge your bets in business.

Steer clear of exclusivity contracts or any clauses your employer wants to add to the contract that may limit your freedom. Be more aware of your rights as an employee, and make sure that you are treated fairly – at this time of year, staff are often exploited and overworked to make holiday season sales and deadlines, do not be a porn in their game.

Sexual harassment in the workplace may be an issue you have to deal with – remember that these things always get worse if left be, and the sooner you can knock them on the head, the better. Do not keep it to yourself; keep a diary of events and save any evidence. Never underestimate a person who harasses as they can be highly cunning. Often they are more annoying than dangerous, but no one needs to put up with it.

Sexual equality is also an issue at work, and something you may find yourself fighting for on behalf of yourself or others.

This month is a very profitable one for accountants, financiers, bookkeepers and those who manage funds or investments – timing and intuition lead to good decisions, and there are opportunities to keep ahead of the competition.

Late this month can see breakthroughs for those in research, in the police or scientific fields – often something remarkable comes from something that looked like a failure.

It is a positive end to the year for Gemini in work and socially – you have made great strides.

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