Leo Horoscope December 2018

Leo Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

The desire within you burns hot this month – you will do anything to get what you want, and sometimes you can even be obsessive and can lack common sense and moderation. This is a great month for goals that require great persistence and determination, and yet you may actually not be achieving much – these goals may ultimately not be very productive; they may be ego-driven or impulsive. This energy is best used to achieve goals that you will have something to show for, i.e. a purchase to enhance your business or personal life at a great price or a new computer program to expedite your work and save time; however, I foresee that many Leos may waste this energy chasing bargains on goods that appeal only for a short time and possess no long-term usefulness.

This month, you will be forced to focus on things you would prefer to ignore. It is a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ but if it is broke or even cracked, fix it without delay and do not make excuses.

Self-honesty is vital right now as in reference to the previous paragraph you may not be being entirely honest with yourself about what needs fixing in your life. It is better if you own up to anything that is not working and attend to it, rather than denying it and being hit by an unpleasant and public revelation of this problem.

This year was about seizing back control in your life and taking back the initiative; this month will test how well you can use that control; will you use it productively, or will you run a bit wild? You have a very strong sense of self, and yet your purpose is somewhat ill-defined. In December, you can have great success and can make an impact on events in your home life, but you must be organised and have clearly defined goals.

Vague goals are a problem now as you do tend to rush off at tangents. Make a plan and stick to it.

Leo Love December 2018

You can be a little defensive this month, and if you let it go too far, this can lead to belligerence. You need to listen more to the valid points that you partner is making; you may be a little pig-headed about activities that you place value on, and you may not be able to see that perhaps they are not the best use of you time or money. Even when your partner has your best interests at heart, you can struggle to take that advice at heart as it will involve a climbdown. Remember that this month backing off and admitting where you may be wrong can massively improve relations and communications.

Pride can be the biggest problem in relationships, and so if you can make sure that from your side pride does not distort your ability to be logical and compromising, then things can go far better.

This month relationships can grow via confrontation, and yet, if you stand your ground and will not give an inch, then you will just be on a collision course with no chance of learning anything or taking the relationships forward. Some confrontation via conversation is extremely cathartic for your relationship, and you have the opportunity this December to clear the air about any long held anger issue – you can finally get that out the way and have a much better 2019 for it. The key is really listening, not just doing all the talking and expecting to be listened to.

You may well be spending the last Christmas in your current home, and so the memories will be special.

Leo Career December 2018

You need to be open to input from others and must focus on teamwork. You need to communicate better with your team members and not go off on your own and then suddenly present your work expecting everyone to say, “Wow!” People in your workplace may actually resent you if you work without consulting and keeping others informed of where you are at.

If you are in sales and negotiations this month, you can be skilful at steering conversation in a direction that will suit you and your business. You are also able to engineer circumstances that will open opportunities for you to express your ideas or draw more attention to your work. You should be very conscious of the subtle messages you send out as sometimes you get very caught up in what you are doing, and you can allow your enthusiasm to become a little domineering. So do watch out for the reactions of others and be sensitive to signals they may be giving off that you have gone too far.

If you are a manager of a department or team leader, you can be extremely protective of your staff this season in doing your best to negotiate bonuses and also better conditions and a higher budget for them.

There is quite a bit of anticipation for 2019 within you career as there are many changes pending, and while it may not be clear exactly what is going to happen, you know it is going to be stimulating.

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