Libra Horoscope December 2018

Libra Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

There is much fun to be had in December, and you will attend many seasonal events or shows. This month is more about entertainment than parties per se, and so instead of attending Christmas parties, you may decide to see seasonal plays, movies or productions both locally or in the bigger cities with family and friends.

Relationships with your children are more rewarding this month, and there is far less conflict (if you have rebellious teens) – you can relate and communicate with your children more effectively, and they are more receptive to your advice.

Indecision and inner conflicts will mark the middle of this month as you suddenly begin to question what you are doing and why – this will normally involve smaller matters, but it is vital that you address the reasons behind your actions before they develop into something more time or money consuming that you cannot stop. Whenever you set wheels in motions, this month, ask yourself what end result you are looking for and how likely this course of action is to get you to that end result. If you find yourself answering less that 50%; then perhaps you should start finding another plan.

Put your efforts primarily into plans you know have a good chance of yielding the results you want and providing a return, either financially or regarding satisfaction.

You also need to consider when you start something if you will have the time, money or skills to put in at a later date to ensure it works – just because something works for someone else does not mean that it will work for you, especially if you have differing skills and experience.

Libra Love December 2018

A fabulous month for love; you can turn on the charm as easily as flicking a switch, and you can melt the heart of your lover or object of your affections. It is not all about charm; it’s about being warm, affectionate and knowing how to use both language and body language to excite and stimulate your lover’s imagination.

December is all about creativity and giving in love – it’s about personalised gifts, special time together, and making an effort to please one another. You are far more playful in love, and an easygoing attitude helps you to go with the flow.

Single Libra are exuding a vibe that is certain to attract potential partners – you are not in chase mode, however; you want them to make you feel special and to run after you. Yes, you may play hard to get just to see how much effort your new mate is prepared to put in.

This is definitely a time of surprises in relationships – your long-term partner may pop the question over Christmas; you may announce a new baby to your family over the holidays, or your partner may have some exciting news for you that will change your life quite dramatically in the next year.

New relationships that start later this December can be extremely dynamic and also quite hectic – they will not follow any of the rules of relationships, and for that reason can require a great deal of adjustments, but they can also bring excitement and change into your life.

Change through your partner or spouse is the theme as we go into 2019.

Libra Career December 2018

A great time to make a good impression at work and in your creative projects. This month efforts you have put in for Christmas entertainment, parties for clients, seasonal events, etc., will go off very well.

You have the chance via initiatives you create this Christmas with promotions, publicity, sales drives and even theatre productions to create a surge of new clients in the New Year and also of people who will want to work and collaborate with you in 2019.

Many relationships with your business partners of old may end this December to make way for arrangements with new and more innovative, dynamic and modern companies who have the ideas to take your business forward.

With Mercury retrograde on the 19th it is best to get deliveries done and items mailed before that date. Things should be very hard to achieve after the 19th so anything you can do before then, do and then you are in the clear. In any tourist related industry, make sure that you have as many contact details for your clients or guests as you can so that you can keep in touch about weather disruptions and last-minute cancellations.

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