Pisces Horoscope December 2018

pisces monthly horoscope december 2018

Pisces Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

If you are planning any big get together, especially involving larger groups, then this month is going to be very hectic. Many Pisces will find that they have been lumbered with arranging Christmas or Holiday season events for large groups of people. Be prepared for anything – invited will not turn up, those uninvited will, and it will turn out to be far more random that you had hoped. Make sure the venue is one that can cope with more or fewer people than expected, and a buffet is far better than set menus as you will not be able to predict numbers. When planning events that are social or which have a social and work element; make sure the event itself has flexible elements and can cope with last minute changes. Remember to cater for veggies, gluten free folks, nut allergies, etc.

In fact, the best and most exciting Christmas get-togethers are those spontaneous, unplanned ones where you and your mates do something totally random that ends up being an absolute hoot.

You are feeling more powerful and confident this month, and it is not a superficial feeling, but something that has grown from within and is radiating out. You may not even be aware of it, but others around you will notice, and it can actually have the effect of altering relationship dynamics. The changes within you this year have been subtle but profound, and these have resulted in your life following different themes in 2016; this is part of a trend set to last into 2017 and will see more opportunity and greater control over your destiny.

A new attitude of self-respect and personal empowerment has sprung from your self-honesty and also from a great depth of understanding and communication in your personal relationships. All round, you feel you know yourself better; you know your triggers, and you understand why you regress into self-sacrificing behaviour – being aware of this has allowed you to control your reactions to situations and take a more positive and pro-active approach. Pisces live in their imagination, and often they thrive by being adaptable and extremely flexible. You enjoy being a chameleon who can adapt to any situation, but in 2016, the challenge was to be an initiator rather than an adapter, and it has energised you.

Pisces Love December 2018

Love and relationships are alchemical this December – which means that both parties are positively transformed by the blending and sharing of the energies. Old habits and attitudes are readily shed, and you are alive to the possibilities again, both sexually and romantically. As a couple, you are alert to the possibilities for changes and improvements and will act upon opportunities for growth in the relationship.

Sexually you are hungry, and with Venus and Mars aligned, there should be ample passion, affection and romance this month. The best way to stimulate your love life is via activity, i.e., dancing, social sports, long walks or runs or any vigorous activity. Doing creative projects can also add spice to your love life, i.e., redecorating during the holidays or even making major purchases for the home, i.e., hot tub, swimming pool, pool table.

Pisces couples are enjoying entraining this month and being with mutual friends creates a feel-good factor that helps further improve your love life.

A very good month for meeting new partners via friends and at parties; you are very sexually appealing right now, and relationships can get off to a fast start. While some passions this December spark up and die off rather fast, there is a possibility that you will meet someone that will have a very big effect on you long-term – this relationship may drift from platonic to sexual and back again, and although unconventional, can be very rewarding emotionally.

Pisces Career December 2018

Despite the time of year, Pisces are very productive; you can slice through what is unimportant and get right on with the nitty gritty, making excellent progress. It may be that you get some form of specialised help from a friend (technical or digital) that can advance you aims and help you to get closer to realising your ambitions.

Friends especially long terms friends you have known from school or college can be very helpful to you right now by the success in their own lives – they may have connections, influence or special skills which they can use to help you further your aims.

You may have an opportunity arise where you can become part of what you see as a very strong group or team; you may be invited to be part of an influential panel or committee. This can be very intimidating and also exciting; you may have doubts whether you are up for it, but you are more than up for the challenge, and you can by your involvement get more in touch with your ability to strategize, execute and take key decisions.

Pisces like to create and imagine, but in all lines of work you sometimes have to play tough, and this month you can and will be a tough competitor – you can come from behind to win unexpectedly.

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