Sagittarius Horoscope December 2018

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

This is a month of spirited action and drive. The pace of events in your daily life is quick, and you are thriving on the raised activity level. You have a feeling of excitement and anticipation, and it is not just about the holidays coming up, it is because you are enjoying what you are doing right now regarding work and everyday life.

Money-making ideas will flow, and you may have several lucrative contracts in the pipeline; you are feeling more secure financially, and this is contributing to a greater self-belief.

There is no messing about with you this December; you know what you want and how to get things done. You may need to be a little more inclusive when you make plans – others may feel sidelined if you do not keep them in the loop.

Sharing is not easy for you this December, and if you have to share time and love (i.e., in modern family life you may have to let the kids go to your ex/their dad over Christmas, or you may have to forgo a meal with your folks to entertain your partner’s parents, or your sister may want to have your parents over to her house etc.), it will be hard. Sagittarians have a need to monopolise others’ emotions this month; you crave a one to one exclusivity with others, and you want to be the object of their affection without competition – this can increase sibling rivalry and add to family tension. If you are a dad, you may resent the attention your wife is giving to the children. The lesson is learning to share and being more secure in the love you have so that you do not need constant closeness and outward demonstrations of love.

Sagittarius Love December 2018

Extra effort, extra passion – simple. Energy you put into relationships, regarding going the extra mile will pay off. Communication about emotional and sexual matters is important this month; you need to make it clear to your partner what you like, what turns you on sexually, what you would like to try, and what is no longer working. Even if you know each other very well, love and sex should be dynamic, and thus you need to talk about these things to make sure they evolve as the relationship does and stay fresh and new.

Intimate conversations are very important – did you ever notice how you stopped talking? Yes, you talk about the kids, money, chores, the new car, etc., but you need to start talking erotically again. You can get the ball rolling by texting or using Instagram to message each other, and that will stimulate further conversation. Quality communication never fails to excite a Sagittarius, especially if that conversation involves the deeper aspects of love.

Conversation is the ideal way to renew commitment, establish a bond and reignite your love life this December.

Sagittarius Career December 2018

Hedge your bets, and watch your cash flow over this busy period. You need to ensure that you have a plan B when it comes to financing this month – you may need to borrow from Peter to pay Paul as even if business is great over the holiday, you may have a shortage of cash to cover new stock or extra staff wages. Make sure your financial plans and forecasts are robust this month.

In all businesses, scenario building is vital; it is not enough to make budgets and forecasts; you should make several of these using best/worst outcome and changing the variables. Things with finances cannot be taken for granted as there are more unknowns than knowns that can affect your business.

Reshuffle your day to day activities to streamline your work and create more efficiency. This is a very good time for selling, especially to existing clients – you may find it easier to upsell to your current client base than get new clients. If you are looking for new clients, then offering an ‘invite a friend discount’ to your current clients to encourage word of mouth is a good thing.

You are articulate and have a very assertive communication style that will help you to get things done quickly – you strike right at the heart of the matter, and you get the business done fast.

This month is excellent for antique dealers, art or precious gem dealers, it can also be favourable for those who buy and sell luxury or classic cars – you have a keen eye for items of value and can spot a good deal. You may deal in items directly or advise others.

Matters of ownership are very important, and it is vital that you properly protect commercial rights, intellectual or physical property. In your work, make sure you get credit for what you produce or write – be careful that your ideas are not stolen.

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