Scorpio Horoscope December 2018

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

There is no December slow down for Scorpio who are busy both intellectually and in terms of the pace of your day to day life increasing rapidly.

The less said, the better; do not rely on hearsay or gossip – to be sure of the facts, go right to the source. Sometimes a word said on the spur of the moment can come back to haunt you, and so think before you speak. Your words can also be misinterpreted, and so make sure you say things as clearly as possible or put them in writing to prevent them being distorted.

Long-term issues with siblings can arise, and this is not the best time to address them – you should let them fly and think about tackling them in the New Year.

Scorpio have tangible sense of their achievements this year and are feeling comfortable with who and where they are in life – you are in a phase where you can appreciate where you stand and how you are making your mark in the world – you feel good about who you are becoming and the way things are shaping up and are looking forward to 2019. It is a month that is very busy but also highly fulfilling and stimulating. You feel at the heart of the action, and you have a sense of being able to steer your life where you want it.

Scorpio Love December 2018

While at times this year you felt inhibited or even restless in relationships, right now familiarity breeds content. What is familiar is good, and the traditions of this time of year bring you security and comfort.

This is a time when long-term relationships will feel solid and satisfying, and you may renew your commitment to each other via words and deeds. This December there will be both tangible and emotional demonstrations of love, and sexually things are earthy and satisfying.

Work life, family life and socially things are very hectic, and close relationships can be a refuge where you can retreat for something predictable and reliable. In fact, reliability and having someone to depend on really turns Scorpio on right now, more so than romance or even passion. So to make your Scorpio mate happy, make sure you show strength and consistency, be a rock, and be there both physically and mentally.

The year ends on a very positive note for relationships – new relationships are solidifying, and older established relationships feel natural, safe and enjoyable.

Scorpio Career December 2018

Business travel and meetings will increase during this month. Correspondence, logistical issues and communication will not slow down, and you have to work hard to stay organised and keep abreast of everything.

Information will come at you quickly, and often it will be confusing, and you will not have enough time to work through it all; you may have to make snap decisions on instinct rather than by logical deduction. Scorpio are very good under pressure, and you are also likely to gain respect by being the only one to stick your neck out on contentious subjects.

The wrong information in the wrong hands can be highly problematic, and so make sure you and your business are protected from hackers, malware and any online threat. You should also make sure you are protected again the old-fashioned threats, i.e. stolen mail, stolen software or property theft.

You may have to contend with industrial espionage within the company you work for or on behalf of a client.

This is a very interesting time for the work life of Scorpio; you will feel very engaged in what you are doing and can show immense commitment and dedication to your work, which you are finding highly absorbing. This includes Scorpio involved in research and long-term projects that track social, anthropological, criminal or environmental behaviour trends.

An excellent month for architects, sculptures and classical music study and composition.

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