Taurus Horoscope December 2018

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: December 2018

Power issues are important right now, and you need to re-seize the reins of power in your life. Where do you have power and where do you not have enough power? How can you change this? You need to show those in your life where the line is and make it clear that the line cannot be crossed.

For Taureans (no matter what age) who feel that their parents still have a psychological hold over them, it is really important for you to break that now. Decide what you think of yourself, give yourself approval and do not rely on them for respect and acknowledgment. It is also important to recognise that problems that arise with authority figures this month may have echoes back to your childhood and the way your parents responded to you.

Criticism and mistakes you make this month can be quite crushing, but they needn’t be – you must take a more positive attitude to this criticism and use it to improve and excel rather than to withdraw. In a sense, you need to reprogram yourself to respond differently to authority and also to problems.

While the Taurean’s determination can be a great asset that can help you to succeed despite obstacles, a bloody-minded attitude can often impede you or slow you down as you do not want to make beneficial changes.

This month is one of bitter pills to swallow, but please do not see that as a negative – the pills are only bitter due to your own aversion to change. You may need somewhat of a wake-up call now, and so do heed the signs and make changes this month rather than further down the road.

This has been a very important year for directing your life in ways that mirror your inner needs and give you the most fulfilment. Right now is a time to step back, regroup and reassess before you look at how to proceed next year.

You should not overreact to any setbacks this month in terms of career or life direction as these are not as serious as they may first seem. You may need to change tack slightly, and you should use the problems that arise this month as an indication of what you may be doing wrong or of what you could do better.

This is a very good month for health, and you will feel revitalised. If you have been feeling stressed and run down, you will find you suddenly have more energy. Those who are convalescing will make strides this month and next.

Taurus Love December 2018

In new relationships, you should not allow a snobby attitude to blind you to the more fundamental nature of a potential new partner. You may indeed meet someone new via your career; this person may well be from a very different background, and you should not judge the book by the cover as quite deep feelings could develop given a chance.

This is an excellent month for communication, especially about sexual matters. You can use the more relaxed feeling of the holiday period to try new things in the bedroom, which can increase enjoyment for both of you.

Learn not to rush the sexual encounters, and you should both be more patient, not like two bulls in a china shop. You are free in giving your love and affection right now; you are also happy to give compliments and boost the self-esteem of your loved one –this will ensure good relations and happy times in your love life.

One red rag for you will be coercion, nagging or controlling behaviour – you will not be tolerant of a partner who seeks to get their own way by either overt or covert mechanisms. You are well attuned to hints of manipulation and will react strongly against it.

Taurus Career December 2018

Things at work will be jovial this month, and there can well be bonuses and parties to celebrate deadlines made, and targets reached. There is a feelgood factor, and work should be more enjoyable than usual due to conditions improving, i.e. new air conditioning; better canteen; new technology or extra staff. A new team member may bring a brand new perspective, which makes work exciting again. As you are feeling positive, things will seem to flow, and you can achieve a great deal.

In some cases, you and your colleagues may stand up against a boss who is behaving unfairly or tyrannically and force them or your company to adopt more fair practises in relation to staff. Group action or pressure can be very useful now. Do not go it alone; look for allies and pool your intellectual and creative resources to force change in your workplace or industry.

There are opportunities this month for advancement within your career. Due to staff being off over Christmas, you may get a chance to show you can excel in a new role. For those in retail and service industries, this will be a bumper month with terrific sales and new customers.

This is a good time to begin recruitment of new staff. Matters to do with fairness and community may come up, and if you work for or run a small business, you may need to work more closely with the community in terms of green issues, congestion or health and safety.

You will be well liked and earn respect within your job, and this will lead to added responsibility.

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