Cancer January 2019

Cancer Horoscope January 2019

Cancer Horoscope 2019: January

2019 begins with you in a very organised frame of mind, and January is an excellent time to make plans, lists, and get your life into gear. You should use this month to draw up schedules, bookmark important dates in your diary and start making appointments ahead of time. Work done now can dramatically reduce time wasted and hassle later in the year. This is all about thinking ahead and having a Plan A and a Plan B.

Health matters come to the fore, and you need to begin positive new habits in terms of diet and exercise. While New Year’s Resolutions often come to nothing, for Cancer, New Year Resolutions are essential to set the tone, but you need to be thoughtful about your goals and have clear stepping stones which will get you there, not just broad ideas which are vague.

Details matter at this time, and you may come under scrutiny at work and regarding decisions you make, and so it is important to be precise.

This is a positive time in family life – there is the potential for harmony, and even if relations have not been good, you can now make amends and draw a line under things, moving on in a way which is a more productive way for you all.

You are in a very positive mood this month, and it will help you to be expansive regarding plans and able to push yourself further through being audacious and taking a ‘those who dares wins’ attitude. You have a loving and open attitude which enables you to make lasting and rewarding new friendships right now – these friendships can be helpful both emotionally and in terms of encouraging you to realise long-term goals.

This month your heart lifts, and suddenly you begin to see the possibilities of your life rather than the problems, and you can take your organisational skills and put that together with your positivity to create exciting opportunities.

Cancer in Love January 2019

This is a wonderful month for love and romance. It is also a great time for new love, and love affairs can blossom from exciting friendships.

In marriages, family can play a positive role regarding helping you and your partner grow and establish the home of your dreams. A family member may help you with a loan, or a family member may provide practical help in terms of helping you build an extension for a new baby or a home office. The theme is that aid from the family can have a positive effect on your love relationship and marriage by helping you achieve practical goals which can make life easier and less stressful.

New relationships and love affairs have a warm and cosy feeling, almost as if you have known this person forever – it could be that you have a past life connection or possibly you have a very real cultural or family link in this life, which gives you an understanding that in turn gives the relationship a head start.

You have a very tolerant and accepting attitude in relationships and are looking to the bigger picture, which will enable you to be magnanimous and helpful rather than judgemental, and this helps you grow as a couple.

Cancerians are excellent in bed, and this month is great for sex life as you are more open and adventurous and have so much sexual energy to give, adding extra spice to the bedroom.

Cancer Career January 2019

Interactions with co-workers can be stimulating and also distracting, and so you need to keep focus on your work. Work-related issues can become blurred where it is not clear where your responsibilities end and another’s begin, and you may feel you are doing more than your fair share – this probably means you are more capable and organised, but you should not let it lead to stress and overwork.

This month is an ideal time for networking regarding expanding your customer base – you can use both social media and traditional meet ups, i.e., dinners and coffee mornings with local business people to make connections which can increase profit or indeed reduce input costs.

This is an excellent time for investing in your business and a very good time to start a new business, especially when that business has a connection with fashion, hospitality, or entertainment.

Property deals can go in your favour this month, and so it is a good time to close deals in connection with real estate for investment purposes or in terms of getting a bigger business premises.

January is perfect for those looking for promotions in the area of law and order, i.e., policing or legal work or those taking exams in these fields.

January is generally great for improving skills and taking courses, and so do not be shy of learning as during this period your mind is receptive and able to grasp new skills or techniques fast.

January is also a profitable month for those whose businesses rely on patriotism, i.e., sales of flags, memorabilia, tourism, etc.

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