Daily Horoscope December 10th 2018

A day of favourable potential for your professional progress, yes even if you don’t have everyone on your side just yet. Don’t defend yourself if you’re not attacked.

You think you’re right about everything today, and it may well be the case, but it won’t help your interactions with others if you come across as condescending. Careful.

Get practical issues and run of the mill chores up and running smoothly today and that'll give you the time you need to think about long and short term plans for Christmas.

You'll find enjoyment in work and practical matters today, but deploy your energy where it matters most for the best results across the board. Stay low-key tonight.

Getting involved in discussions gives you a chance to show your competitive side. This is not about trying to solve the problems of the world, just your own life.

Today brings a lull in the madness of the Christmas season, which is great, as your strength is low. Just don’t give up all together. Ask friends to help as you plan ahead.

You benefit from a diversity of interests today, which is typical for your air star sign. With more energy and your chance to put it to good use, tackle all manner of jobs.

Co-operative ventures are highlighted today and encourage you to put your ego to one side. You’re a real team player and you’re always willing to go with the flow. Love sparkles.

Social talks and meetings are positively highlighted so make the most of the good humour around you and enjoy yourself as much as you can. Christmas is just around the corner,

Conflict's now possible between what you know you should be doing for others and what you’re actually doing. Stand up for yourself but ask for help of friends if you need it.

Your social life is on a roll and some of you may decide to start Christmas early. Focus on educational matters first and take your time where new skills are concerned.

The moon still in your sign gives you extra incentive to carry you through until evening. Don’t get bogged down with details. The bigger picture's more important.

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