Daily Horoscope December 11th 2018

The moon moves back to your sign today and puts you in the best possible position to look at what lies ahead for Christmas. Let your cheerful happy side out and get out and about now.

Think carefully about whether your approach to emotional matters is as positive as it should be. If not you may have to try again. Now ask if it's really worth it.

You'd love to opt for a total change of scene but that won’t be possible. Not yet anyway. Consider visiting family and friends who live overseas. Maybe a Christmas visit?

Things could go wrong today, but if you keep your eye on the ball you won’t let this bother you. You'll have a great day if you can see the funny side of things.

You enjoy anything the world throws at you today. With a good sense of proportion, winning ways and determination to end up in front, you have what it takes to push ahead.

You’re now in a position to score some points socially, especially if you’re away from home. Don’t be critical about how others arrange events in their lives tonight.

Your confidence depletes as the lunar low arrives, but don’t give in. Enjoy this quiet day ad use it to the best of your ability. Quiet pursuits bring relaxation.

Use your charms to persuade others to do your bidding today. Those who know you best will deny you nothing, but don’t take advantage of the situation. Give and you'll get.

It’s vital you give family matters the attention they require. Persuade someone close to open up and tell you what's wrong. Don’t make light of serious issues.

Although today is more sluggish than yesterday there are gains to be made. Pursue a rich and fulfilling social life and free yourself of old restraints. Plan for Christmas.

The position of the moon offers you a more stable phase. Contributing to your own success won’t be difficult as long as you show others that you're confident.

You have the ability to take charge of situations and bring long-term tasks to their ultimate conclusion, but keep looking for new possibilities. Friends need you tonight.

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